Implementation of a new fuel management system for a university in Brisbane


A large University located in Brisbane contacted Fuelfix and Tanks2Go requesting an efficient fuel storage solution to refill their maintenance equipment on the university grounds. They wanted a system that would help reduce fuel costs, improve fuel security and efficiency and minimise fraud.

With over two decades of technical and practical knowledge of refuelling solutions, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go was well positioned to understand the unique challenges of the client to deliver low-cost energy efficient solutions. We provide flexible and innovative energy and emissions solutions to manage current fuel consumption and transition to a clean energy future. We offer efficient fuel management systems and sustainable fuel storage solutions, including self-bunded fuel tanks, Diesel fuel tanks hire, fuel tanks for sale and mobile diesel fuel trailers with hybrid and fully solar-powered options.


Brisbane, Queensland


Before reaching out to Fuelfix and Tanks2Go, university campus staff members were driving to the local petrol station to fill up 10 jerry cans they could use on site. They would spend two hours every second day filling up the jerry cans, a time-consuming task that required manual labour and offered poor fuel security.

Furthermore, because the campus area is prone to flooding, the client needed to ensure that they could relocate the system quickly if necessary.


Fuelfix and Tanks2Go came up with a holistic solution for the University campus that included the following:

  • Hazardous Area design, audit and dossier
  • 2kl Diesel tank
  • 2kl 4hr Fire-rated tank
  • Fuelfix Fuel Management System and Automatic Tank Gauge
  • 2 x Fillrite pumps with hose mast

This solution provided the campus with a fire-rated tank they needed for compliance, as well the flexibility to relocate it easily in the event of flooding. Fuel security was notably improved with the use of the Fuelfix fuel management system and automatic tank gauge system.

With our extensive experience implementing similar solutions for other clients across Australia, we were best placed to understand the unique challenges of the customer and ensure the installation went smoothly. Through their experience with previous projects, our technicians knew exactly what needed to get done and could do so in a timely manner.


The fuel management system installed helped reduce refuelling time, provides fuel security, and the campus enjoys transparency with 24-hour access to tank levels and transactions.

The fuel storage solution offered more flexibility for the location of the unit. Since the tank is fire rated, the exclusion zones are reduced, which allows more flexibility when deciding on a location for the fuel system.

The client has expressed their appreciation on how simple the fuel storage solution is to set up and use, how the hose mast provides good reach and keeps the hose off the ground. They’re also grateful for how easy it is to relocate the system in the event of a flood.

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