Construction, Installation and Commission of a Greenfield 24/7 Unmanned Heavy Vehicle Refuelling Facility


Construct, install and commission a greenfield 24/7 unmanned heavy vehicle refuelling facility for a major oil company client.

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Our client had a high volume unmanned heavy vehicle refuelling site on a major highway in W.A. which required upgrading and sought to achieve this by building a new facility. Once the design was developed, it selected Fuelfix to undertake the construction, installation and commissioning of the new facility and subsequent decommissioning of the old site.

The Project

The key elements of the project were as follows; Earthworks With management of water run off a major issue across the site, significant earthworks preparation was required along with compliance to highly specified road base and compaction specifications. Concrete To accommodate the access requirements of triple road trains, 800m3 of concrete was laid over 3,500m2. Furthermore, extensive underground drainage systems and over 100 metres of aboveground rock swale drainage was installed. Fuel infrastructure Fuelfix’s in house team installed 2 x T110 self-bunded aboveground ADF tanks, a 20kl AdBlue tank, an underground oily water treatment system, UPP pipe runs from tanks to the refuelling forecourt, refuelling dispensers and the Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT). It also safely removed five underground tanks and associated services as part of the decommissioning task. Electrical Undertook all electrical, earthing and communications works which included significant underground trenching runs and installation of extensive lighting and CCTV systems.

The Verdict

Fuelfix delivered a high quality installation meeting its client’s highly specified requirements and did so with nil safety incidents along the way. Fuelfix was also able to identify and execute a solution which enabled its client to avoid a three-week complete site shutdown during the crossover period between the new facility opening and old site decommissioning – a demonstration once again that Fuelfix is always looking to add value for its clients. For more information on Fuelfix’s capability and the full range of products and services we can offer, visit our website or contact us on 1300 734 764.

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