Superior Gold – Effective fuel management solution for the diesel equipment and fleet in the Goldfields


Superior Gold, a reputable WA Gold Mining Company approached Fuelfix & Tanks2Go to replace and upgrade existing Fuel Management Systems at the Plutonic Gold Mine Operations in the Goldfields for 4 locations on site. Following a comprehensive and thorough inspection, installing a new Fuelfix FMS was found to be the best course of action for better fuel inventory and asset management.


Plutonic Gold Mine, Goldfields, Western Australia


A 10 years old Banlaw FMS system was previously used on site, Superior Gold was seeking a more advanced and more cost-efficient fuel management system with ‘real time’ reading capability for an accurate recording of diesel usage.   

Another challenge was to install tank gauging on the old tanks which didn’t have enough spare ports whereas fabricated new tank lids included 2” ports. 

In summary, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go was briefed to provide a complete and effective fuel management solution for the diesel equipment and fleet. This solution will help reduce fuel wastage, risks of environmental damages and achieve the best returns from the fuel inventory and assets, all of which are essential for mine site operations. 


The first step was to see if the current FMS solution used by  Superior Gold could be updated for better accuracy, decision-making capabilities, and fuel accountability. This proved be an expensive option, so the installation of a new Fuelfix FMS was decided as the best course of action to take. Not only was this a more economical option for Superior Gold, the capability of the Fuelfix FMS would provide added benefits to the business and its operations. 

For each location, the following items were supplied and installed by Fuelfix & Tanks2Go: 

  • Fuelfix FMS Gen 2 Fuel Management system  
  • Fuelfix tank gauging system, including module for Fuelfix FMS, tank level gauge, and replacement manway covers 
  • Interposing Relays to connect existing field actuators  
  • Supply and install of a Stainless-Steel Fuelfix FMS control cabinet to protect the Fuelfix FMS data screen from the harsh environment conditions at the site 

By doing this, Superior Gold’s reporting requirements to claim diesel rebates would be much simpler. Additionally, the mine could accurately report and reduce their carbon emission outputs and fuel wastage thanks to all the new and improved systems within the Fuelfix FMS.


The refueling solution designed and installed by Fuelfix & Tanks2Go provided outstanding results for Superior Gold with a significant improvement of their operational flow at the four mining site locations. It helped them manage their fuel inventory efficiently to reap the maximum benefit from their fuel investment, reducing downtime, and optimising fuel delivery costs.

The mining company was able to measure, track, accurately monitor, and regulate its fuel usage from any location using a mix of technological solutions and working knowledge of the Fuelfix team. 


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