Jet Fuel Tank Hire & Fuel Management Solution for Broome Terminal


A large terminal operation management company approached Fuelfix and Tanks2Go to request assistance with the 10 Yearly Inspection of a JET A-1 fuel tank.

The task for the client was to complete the 10 Yearly inspection on the JET-A 1 fuel storage tank within the terminal in Broome. This task usually requires the tank to be emptied with the residual fuel being removed from site and replaced with new fuel at completion of the project.

Following a comprehensive and thorough inspection, a bespoke fuel storage solution to temporarily store and then return the residual fuel back into the main tank was found to be the best course of action to minimise the client’s environmental impact, reducing fuel wastage and limiting transport costs.


Broome, Western Australia


The company previously discarded the residual JET A-1 fuel which was taking time and costing money. The discarded fuel would be returned to Perth via a truck to be refined again, which incurred environmental and financial costs.

Furthermore, the client needed to ensure the tank used to store the JET A-1 fuel met the required standards. One of the requirements for aviation fuel was related to product quality which meant that they had to clean the tank internally prior to storing the fuel.


After confirming the necessary Australian standards, and fuel quality requirements could be met, Fuelfix and Tanks2Go assisted the client with a bespoke solution including the supply of a T110 tank for hire. The tank was cleaned internally as per Australian regulations for aviation fuel storage and repurposed for storage of JET A-1 fuel. This solution enabled the client to save money and reduce energy emissions for the project.



















By implementing this solution, and effectively recycling the product, the organisation is now saving on fuel and transport costs, as well as reducing emissions and the time it takes to return the bulk tank to service.

The project went smoothly, and the client is considering the implementation of similar solutions in other locations in the future.

















Fuelfix and Tanks2Go sustainable business strategy

This project is in line with Fuelfix and Tanks2Go overarching strategy of “Two Pathways, One Goal Strategy”; working with clients to come up with the best solutions for their specific needs and enabling them to transition to a cleaner energy future. We’re passionate about using sustainable, innovative fuel storage and management systems, providing customers with responsible solutions to ensure the best environmental and emissions outcomes.

Contact Fuelfix and Tanks2Go today for flexible energy and emissions solutions to manage current fuel consumption and transition to green energy solutions. From mobile fuel management, fuel storage solutions, diesel fuel tank hire, fuel tanks for sale, innovative fuel management systems, and many more holistic solutions.

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