Installation of Heavy Duty Spill Grates to Contain Spillage at Refuelling Site


Develop a solution to create a fully mobile hard standing bunded containment area for use where large vehicles refuel or fuel is handled outside a bunded containment area.

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Anywhere fuel is being stored or transferred outside a self bunded containment area, spill grates could be incorporated. Typically, when a vehicle is being refuelled or a portable generator or small engine is operating, there is a risk of spillage with fuel or oils straight onto the ground. As this surface is normally gravel or compacted dirt and not concrete there is no containment area and a health and safety hazard and a severe environmental impact occurs.

The Project

Even small quantities of spilt fuel and lubricants add up over time. High traffic flow areas in front of self bunded containment areas where repetitive activity takes place can also become uneven, very slippery and extremely hazardous, especially during wet weather. These factors when combined can create not only a hazardous but an unpleasant working area for all personnel involved. When sites are decommissioned, costly and time consuming clean ups result. The environmental impact can be long lasting even when huge care and attention has been taken installing self bunded tanks and storage facilities only for fuel to be spilt when refuelling over a non-bunded containment area. Spill grates are very easy to install and remove; they can be used on any level site and simply sit directly onto a graded dirt floor. With a safe holding capacity of 1,200lt contaminated liquid, any spilled contaminant can be easily captured and disposed of safely. The modular design means a large number can be transported at one time and any number or configuration can be used. They bolt together providing a large and stable hard standing containment area usually underneath stationary refuelling vehicles or with temporary generators and small engines. When a number are connected together, the combined holding capacity is significant and should deal with the very worst of spillages. Other applications include using in combination with a single skinned tank, essentially creating a `self-contained’ bunded area. In extremely sensitive areas whether environmental or potentially hazardous, spill grates create a second bunded area and another `line of defence’ customers often deem essential for a particular site. Lube dispensers also in the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go range can also sit onto a Spill grate to contain any spillage.

The Verdict

Fuelfix delivered high quality installations on time meeting its client’s specified requirements and did so with nil safety incidents along the way. Fuelfix was also able to identify and execute a solution in co-operation with the client to provide the most suitable fuel management system based on the business size and needs delivering what was required without any unnecessary bells and whistles, truly value adding for the customer. For more information on Fuelfix’s capability and the full range of products and services we can offer, visit our website or contact us on 1300 734 764.


In response to customers who needed more site protection from accidental fuel and lubricant spillage and to provide a safer hard standing area in high traffic areas typically in front of refuelling areas, heavy duty spill grates were developed and introduced by Fuelfix & Tanks2Go and have proved very popular.

A typical site is not permanent and may not have a bunded containment area other than the internal tank bund and front containment area itself where any accidental spillage of fuel or lubricants can be contained and safely removed. At best, a gravel or compacted dirt surface is the working surface and environmental and health and safety impacts can be significant and spillages are unacceptable.

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