On-site Refuelling Solutions at Christmas Creek mine site


Fuel storage solution to maintain supply for the powerhouse at the Fortescue Metal Group’s (FMG) Christmas Creek mine site.

Fuel storage solution for Fortescue Metal Group

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Located in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia in the Chichester Range, Cloudbreak mine site is 150km north-east of Newman. Their second mine site, Christmas Creek in 50 km to the East of Cloudbreak.

Christmas Creek

The Project

An increase in storage capacity was quickly required with no supply interruption. Two larger 110,000l storage tanks and associated infrastructure including pipework and transfer pumps were quickly installed. A possible issue during the wet season could be the interruption of deliveries if fuel trucks were unable to travel on wet and treacherous dirt roads. Enough fuel therefore needed to be stored until delivery conditions improved. This together with the increased fuel consumption due to higher power demands at Christmas Creek was an important consideration for day to day operations to continue uninterrupted. This solution has increased the fuel storage capacity of the operation for the wet season, and the higher fuel demands of the powerhouse. When fully operational the storage facility holds a total of 280,000l. The resulting facility is fully self-bunded with the use of double skinned wrap tanks which also have front end containment areas. Spill grates are also incorporated to ensure accidental spills are contained and zero product goes to ground. This ensures any health & safety hazards are minimised, the immediate environmental impact of the site is as little as possible and the future site decommissioning will be simple, quick and cheap. The facility is fully supported by the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go team who undertake regular scheduled maintenance programmes to eliminate any issues before they occur and to ensure everything runs as efficiently as possible once again reducing costs in the long term. The installation team spent just 16 days on site during the project. A real example of how a system upgrade was undertaken by the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go team with no interruptions to the current operation. We take the time to understand your business requirements from the outset and deliver the best fuel management solutions to you. The lifespan of the system is indefinite, and the modular design means the fuel farm can be enlarged in size or dismantled and transported to an alternative location if required as the mining facility expands.

The Verdict

Fuelfix delivered high quality installations on time meeting its client’s specified requirements and did so with nil safety incidents along the way. Fuelfix was also able to identify and execute a solution in co-operation with the client to provide the most suitable fuel management system based on the business size and needs delivering what was required without any unnecessary bells and whistles, truly value adding for the customer.

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Quickly increase the fuel storage capacity to the powerhouse for Christmas Creek for two reasons; Firstly an increase in power demand had seen expansion of the power generators resulting in a rise in fuel consumption. Secondly, there was a concern of supply interruption during the wet season so an increase in storage capacity was required with the installation of two additional 110,000litre self bunded wrap tanks.

The existing bare earth site required preparation and the incorporation of the existing supply facility installed previously by Fuelfix comprising of a 55,000l storage tank and a 20,000l day-tank needed to be undertaken. This had to be achieved without interruptions to the powerhouse fuel supply.

  • Tank installations
  • Fuel lines and pipes
  • Electrical Pumps
  • Fuel Management Systems (cards or i-buttons)
  • Metering equipment and tank gauging
  • Require dangerous goods licensing

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