Solar-Powered Self-Bunded Fuel Trailer


The self bunded 1,200litre mobile refuelling trailer is the workhorse of the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go hire fleet and its reliability and application is unsurpassed so how to make it even more reliable, user and environmentally friendly all at the same time?

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Mobile refuelling solutions are required wherever heavy plant and equipment is operating. This can be in urban locations as well as more remote mine and construction sites.

The Project

This solution needed to maintain the reliability our trailers are renowned for so the battery, solar panel charge controller and delivery pump are of the highest quality.

The Supercharge 12v deep cell battery holds 170 minutes of charge. The top mounted solar panel is an 80w Protecta polycrystalline and has a strong protective unit encasing it but cleaning is still possible to maintain charging efficiency. The charge controller is also Protecta and has LED charge indicator lights. Both this and the battery are front mounted and fully enclosed and protected.

The USA Great Plains pump is self-priming and the assembly is heavy duty cast iron and is capable of pumping refuelling supplies up to 60l per minute and has a lift capacity of 3m. The retractable 10m hose and auto shut off nozzle allows for straightforward refuelling of a wide variety of vehicles.

The front assembly is a bunded front containment area which has a drain plug to safely remove and dispose of any spilt fuel. In the event of a fuel spillage when refuelling, the spill kit is easily accessible from the top mounted Tuff Box and contains the necessary equipment to deal with and contain any spillage reducing any environmental or health and safety hazards. Each trailer has a fire extinguisher fitted in the unlikely incidence of a fi re.

The solar trailers have been extensively trialled on remote and challenging rural sites including; Wiluna, Port Hedland, Karratha and Gascoyne Junction in WA and has met with nothing but praise from clients. Highlights include being user friendly, virtually maintenance free, lightweight, no diesel costs, self-priming, low noise and emission free.

Fuelfix & Tanks2Go offer the self bunded 1,200lt mobile refuelling trailer for hire or sale throughout Australia from any of our strategically placed locations. Our skilled response teams are also based across this network and can offer a huge range of services and business support.

The Verdict

The solar range is being rolled out across the fleet with retrofitting of older models and most new builds being solar powered. Another positive and well received innovation introduced into the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go hire and sale range.

For more information on the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go self bunded 1,200lt mobile fuel trailers which are diesel and now solar powered as well, visit our website and view or download the full spec sheet or contact us, across Australia.

For more information on Fuelfix’s capability and the full range of products and services we can offer, visit our website or contact us on 1300 734 764.


The first operating imperative of Fuelfix & Tanks2Go is for responsible management practices that minimise any adverse health, safety, security or environmental impacts. Our operating procedures and product range is continually reviewed and improvements made. A lot is made of harnessing renewable energy and incorporating solar power to pump fuel from our self bunded 1,200litre fuel trailer is an excellent opportunity

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