Solar-Powered Self-Bunded Tank for a Remote Site


Fuelfix & Tanks2Go was approached by West Coast Profilers to hire an efficient and effective refuelling solution for their Grass Valley site which is 13km east of Northam in the Avon Valley.

West Coast Profilers are a long-standing customer of Fuelfix & Tanks2Go and regularly make use of our refuelling equipment to support and underpin their projects.



Grass Valley, WA, Australia

Solar-Powered Self-Bunded-Tank


The key to the success of this project was the ability to provide a stand-alone, energy-efficient and ‘green’ solution that could be utilised in a remote location whilst still providing the customer with an easy-to-use refuelling system coupled to Fuelfix & Tanks2Go’s proven and reliable Fuel Management System. The challenge was heightened by the harsh environment of a construction site which was hot, dusty and prone to severe weather conditions.

In summary, the brief was to provide a refuelling solution that could handle the arduous conditions whilst still maintaining the functionality, durability, security and accuracy standards that Fuelfix & Tanks2Go have become renowned for in the industry.


Fuelfix & Tanks2Go offered their latest innovation in fuel storage and refuelling solutions for this project; the 30FF Solar Tank. This tank is designed to maximise the volume of fuel that can be stored on a 20ft footprint and is easily transportable using a side loader which also makes it extremely cost-effective and easy to place on-site (no cranes) whether it be a construction or mining site. Fuel is available where you need it.

The tank was fitted with Fuelfix & Tanks2Go’s innovative solar-powered refuelling system which can accommodate light to medium fleet refuelling. In addition, the Fuelfix FMS enables the client to accurately measure, track, monitor and control their fuel usage remotely. Being a solar solution, there was no need to hardwire the tank into an electrical supply making it ideal for the remote location. For West Coast Profilers, this meant avoiding the cost of installing and running a diesel-powered generator and delivering the project with significantly lower carbon emissions. These attributes made it the ideal ‘green’ refuelling solution.


Fuelfix & Tanks2Go reached out to West Coast Profilers during the hire to analyse the performance of the solution on-site. The discussion centred around the dispensing flow rate and whether this was adequate for the yellow fleet on-site, how the battery/solar system was holding up, particularly during overcast or inclement weather and how user friendly the tank was to operate.

West Coast Profilers responded with praise for the concept and the way the tank performed. The flow rate was adequate for most of their fleet (around 50Lpm) and no performance issues were noted with regards to the battery/solar system. They found the tank easy to deploy and user friendly in its operation and suggested that they would like to use more ‘green tanks’ in future on their more remote sites.

Hence, we can conclude that this new innovative solution has proven itself in the field, delivering outstanding outcomes for one of Western Australia’s prominent civil construction companies.

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go sustainable business strategy

This project is in line with our Two Pathways, One Goal Strategy which enables our customers to maximise the efficiency of their fuel infrastructure whilst providing alternative energy solutions where diesel can be practically displaced. With the Fuelfix Fuel Management system, our clients get full visibility of their hydrocarbon use and are able to accurately track every drop of fuel. This leads to reduced fuel wastage, efficient operations, and better environmental outcomes.

Contact Fuelfix and Tanks2Go today for flexible energy and emissions solutions to manage current fuel consumption and transition to green energy solutions. 

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