Commercial Fuelling


Supply, install and commission 14 refuelling sites spread across Eastern Australia. Initiate a 3 year service contract post supply.

Tech Spec


Largest fuel tank provider in Australia


Market leader in fuel management


Comprehensive range of services


Customer first focus Service


Locations were spread across four states including 8 in Queensland, 3 in New South Wales, 2 in Victoria and 1 in Adelaide.

The Project

Supply, install and commission 14 refuelling sites spread across Eastern Australia.
Initiate a 3 year service contract post supply.

The key elements of the project were as follows;
Fuel Management
Replace all fuel management systems to provide the client with a single source for collecting all transactions and automating tank deliveries with alerts
Include automatic nozzle to vehicle recognition to assist users

Common products for users across all sites
Replicate user interface across all sites for ease of training and utilisation

Website infrastructure
Fuelfix’s in house team worked in the background to establish the website information containing all client vehicles and cards information to be integrated and set up each site console and tank information with alerts.

Undertook all electrical, earthing and communications works which included installation of lighting and CCTV systems to some unmanned sites.

The Verdict

Fuelfix delivered high quality installations on time meeting its client’s specified requirements and did so with nil safety incidents along the way.

Fuelfix was also able to identify and execute a solution in co-operation with the client to provide the most suitable fuel management system based on the business size and needs delivering what was required without any unnecessary bells and whistles, truly value adding for the customer. For more information on Fuelfix’s capability and the full range of products and services we can offer, visit our website or contact us on 1300 734 764.


Fuelfix faced the following key challenges with the project;

  • Remote locations over 1,000kms from Newcastle, 600kms from Townsville and 200kms from Brisbane
  • An array of retrofit dispensing and fuel management to various types of tanks
  • Integration of the new AVID nozzle recognition system
  • Logistics networking and timing of installations
  • Complete storage and dispensing units with fuel management for plug and play

More Work

Unmanned Fuelling

Construct, install and commission a greenfield 24/7 unmanned heavy vehicle refuelling facility for a major oil company client.

Spill Grates

Develop a solution to create a fully mobile hard standing bunded containment area for use where large vehicles refuel or fuel is handled outside a bunded containment area.

Solar Trailer

The self bunded 1,200litre mobile refuelling trailer is the workhorse of the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go hire fleet and its reliability and application is unsurpassed so how to make it even more reliable, user and environmentally friendly all at the same time?