On-site Fuel Storage - Fuelfix

Need a fuel storage solution on-site and tailored to your specific operation?

Designing and installing the best on-site fuel storage solutions is a Fuelfix & Tanks2Go specialty. Any large infrastructure development project is handled by the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go projects division who have access to our company resources in whatever area is required.

From initial concept and design, right through to the installation of required base infrastructure and then the fuel tanks, lines and pumps through to fuel management systems. Fuelfix & Tanks2Go project managers will not only tailor a fuel storage solution for your project, we will manage every step of the operation to run according to plan, time and to budget for a working turn key facility.

Whether incorporating and maximising your existing infrastructure, or developing optimum fuel tank configurations on a new build, we can guide and advise you through every step and know how to make your chosen fuel storage facility present savings across your business now and in the future.

Our skilled response teams operate in a range of vastly contrasting environments. For example; more remote locations contrast with the metro areas where everything is at your fingertips compared to nothing. Our plant and equipment, processes and working methods allow for this with as much of our fuel storage equipment thoroughly wet tested and site ready as possible beforehand.

Product lead times can be significantly lower using us with our strong relationships and established network of manufacturers and suppliers, the majority based in Australia.

Our project managers and installation teams can then install the on-site fuel storage solution for you, no matter how remote your location. Our installation services include total fuel project management for:

  • Tank installations
  • Fuel lines and pipes
  • Electrical Pumps
  • Fuel Management Systems (cards or i-buttons)
  • Metering equipment and tank gauging
  • Require dangerous goods licensing

Our expertise is used in a diverse variety of fuel related projects including:

  • Fuel tank farms for remote mine sites
  • Bunkering and handling fuel over water
  • Design and construction of fuel handling facilities for new and existing service stations
  • Fuel depots and unmanned refuelling points
  • Installation of back-up power generation facilities
  • Pipework and associated infrastructure for onsite generators and boilers

Once installed, we’ll schedule your preventative maintenance program and can even implement a fuel management system for your facility.