30FF Self Bunded Fuel Tank


  • Self-bunded or double wall design
  • Overfill protection supplied with mechanical shutoff and audible / visual alarm
  • Free to air vent with weather cap
  • Fluid level dipstick
  • Antisyphon valve installed
  • Fixed ladder at front of tank
  • Tank floor has fall to front for water collection
  • Bunded (spill contained) pump bay housing with removable ventilation panels
  • Front mounted security doors
  • Statutory signage
  • Under tank visibility
  • Fully customisable for solar powered as part of our Go-Greener range

Solar Powered Options are available to transform the tank in a stand-alone, energy-efficient, and greener fuel storage solution. The tank is fitted with Fuelfix & Tanks2Go’s innovative solar-powered refuelling system which can accommodate light to medium fleet refuelling.

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Capacity 32,400L
Dimensions H 2,896mm W 2,438mm L 6,096mm
Weight (Empty) 6,950kg
  • Safe Fill: 30,780 litres
  • 80nb Camlock male tanker hose filler with dust cap connect
  • Tanker fill point supplied with 80nb full bore
  • Fire safe flanged ball valve and wafer style non-return valve
  • Container corner castings
  • Statutory access manway
  • Permanent ladder and platform
  • Water evacuation pipe
  • Interstitial dipstick
  • Interstitial pressure vent
  • Marine grade polyurethane paint (white in colour)
  • Approvals: UL142, ULCS601, AS1940, AS1692, AS1657