Clip On Pump Bay

For sale and hire

  • Self-bunded design
  • 2 x bund drain points, high and low level
  • Lockable bay with container doors
  • Container blocks top and bottom for set down and lifting
  • Ideal for additional equipment protection / storage
  • Platform access designed to complement the fuel storage rank range
  • Ladder can be fitted to either side
  • Statutory signage
  • Marine grade polyurethane paint, white in colour



  • Capacity SFL: N/A
  • Dimension height: 2896mm
  • Dimension length: 1460mm
  • Dimension width: 2438mm
  • Weight Bare Tank: 1,400kg
  • Container corner castings
  • Permanent ladder and platform
  • Marine grade polyurethane paint (white in colour)
  • Approvals: AS1692, AS1657