Self Bunded Solar Powered Mobile Fuel Tank Trailer

For sale and hire


With the introduction of a solar powered option to the fleet Fuelfix & Tanks2Go have developed a mobile fuel tank that delivers low operating noise, zero emissions and a virtually maintenance free user experience. Combining a self-priming pump with the existing fuel trailer features takes this popular workhorse of the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go range to another level.

Fuel is delivered up to 60 Lt per minute with a lift capacity of 3 metres through a mobile solar powered pumping unit. Generating 80W with a 20 hour battery life, This is an emission free, low noise, self-priming, and virtually maintenance free product.

The dual axle construction makes the fuel trailer well balanced and easy to tow even when fully loaded. The stringent safety requirements of many sites are easily met with the built-in safety features.

A larger self bunded 2,000Lt mobile trailer is available on request where a larger mobile fuel tank is required.

Mobile Fuel Tanks - Solar Powered Trailer - Fuelfix


  • Safe fill level – 1,200lt
  • Fully solar operated pump with deep cycle battery with reserve capacity of 170 minutes
  • Lift capacity of 3m from the 12 volt pump drawing 35 amps
  • Top mounted 12 volt solar panel
  • LED charge indicators showing: Red for solar power input, amber for charging and green indicating fully charged
  • Road registered with all required signage and reflective tape, all lighting is LED
  • Dual axle design for extra strength, stability and excellent ground clearance but still with a low centre of gravity
  • Heavy duty radial tubeless tyres on standard 17 inch rims with spare tyre supplied
  • Marked dipstick with safe fill level
  • Clearly visible automated amber flashing light whilst refuelling
  • Emergency stop button with battery isolation switch
  • Bunded front containment area under the pump housing further reduces any risk of accidental spillage going to ground
  • Graco 10 metre x 25mm diameter retractable hose reel with auto shut off nozzle
  • 1 x 4 digit mechanical reset fuel meter
  • Disc brakes with manual handbrake
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel with swivel retraction for optimum ground clearance
  • Heavy duty 50mm tow hitch
  • 2 x safety chains with load rated shackles
  • 50mm (2”) Dip point with camloc
  • 75mm (3”) Fill point with camloc
  • 75mm (3”) Vent point with camloc
  • 1 x standard seven pin trailer plug
  • 1 x 9kg fire extinguisher
  • Trailer dimensions in mm: 1,800W x 4,250L x 2,000 H
  • (trailer height is measured to top of flashing light pole)
  • 1200lt trailer tare weight is approximately 1,000kg
  • (This is unloaded trailer weight)
  • 1200lt trailer loaded weight is approximately 2,000kg
32lt spill kit in top mounted Tuff box which includes:
  • 2 x 1m sausage soaker to contain and absorb fuel spills
  • 1 x pack of absorbent 300 x 300 pads
  • Absorbent powder which holds 11 times own weight
  • Protective gloves
  • Bags for contaminated material to allow safe disposal


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