Fuel Management Systems

Many companies, whether in mining, construction, or transportation, have come to accept fuel loss, misuse and incorrect reporting as part of the parcel. They write it off as an expected cost of business. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right fuel management systems, you can incorporate fuel tracking into your business, removing any risk of fraud or incorrect reporting – and guaranteeing your rebates. From real-time reporting, enhanced security and other integral features, discover how Fuelfix & Tanks2Go can incorporate secure fluid management into your business operations today.

Benefits of Fuel Tracking

Fuel management systems are integral to many industries – and with the right data and tracking, they come with a range of benefits. By incorporating fuel tracking into your fuel management systems, you can expect to see the following improvements to your business:  

Reduced fuel loss

By incorporating fuel tracking, you can easily identify fraudulent filing and reporting, ensuring your tanks, vehicles and other machinery are being filled compliantly.

Accurate reporting

By tracing all fluid as part of your fuel management system, your company will have a more accurate report of usage. This leads to an improve fuel rebate for your business.

Optimised fluid usage

By having the right fluid management in place, you’ll be able to optimise your fuel usage, enhancing your business productivity and keeping your costs down.

Efficient supply chain monitoring

By ensuring equipment and vehicles are serviced according to their fuel consumption rates, rather than their time in the field, you can minimise unnecessary maintenance costs, saving your operation money.

Why Choose Us for Fluid Management? At Fuelfix & Tanks2Go, we understand that setting up fuel infrastructure can be a significant investment for your business. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring you generate long-term outcomes from that investment. By choosing us for your fuel management systems, you get a holistic solution that incorporates installation, set up, calibration and ongoing maintenance. We can even manage your facility to ensure your infrastructure gives you the long-term operational efficiency and return on investment you require. Some of the key features our fuel management systems offer include:

Enhanced Security

Unauthorised fuel usage can weigh heavily on an organisation’s bottom line. Our fuel management systems allow you to restrict access to fuel to minimise this risk without interfering with operational efficiency.

Real-Time Communications

Keep your records up-to-date in real-time, with 3G/4G, WiFi, Ethernet connectivity – without any special software to access it. This means your data is available whenever (and wherever) you need it. Should you be in a remote zone with no Internet access, you can also keep track via USB.

Easy to Set Up & Use

Set up is simple, with menu options eliminating the need for long codes. Using the systems is just as easy, with smart access for easy user and vehicle identification. By having a simple setup, your labour costs can be minimised, while your productivity also increases.

Brands We Work with for Fuel Management Systems Fuelfix & Tanks2Go have partnered with some of the best fuel management systems providers in the country. This ensures we’re able to deliver a reliable (and accurate) fuel tracking service that generates dividends. Our brands of choice are:


Considered the world’s most functional fuel management system, SmartFILL is simple and robust. Used all over the world for many years, every drop of fuel is recorded, making your fluid accounting easy and effective. Learn more


Helping global mining companies achieve significant fuel savings, FluidIntel are constantly improving and innovating – simplifying fluid management for your business. Keep your labour costs and misappropriated fuel to a minimum. Learn more

Where are our Fuel Management Systems Used?

Whatever your industry, the right fuel management system is integral. We support a range of industry’s operations, including the following:


Stand the test of time (and tide) with our SmartFILL fuel management systems.

Civil Construction

Both SmartFILL and FluidIntel can face extreme weather conditions in isolated areas.


Track your fuel across the country, keeping account and control of small to large fleets.


Keep your site running smoothly at all times, no matter the conditions and location.

Discover the Fuelfix difference

Ready to streamline your fluid management? Fuelfix & Tanks2Go are the proud partner of SmartFILL and FluidIntel, delivering effective fuel management systems that are guaranteed to deliver results. Get in touch with us for installation, calibration ongoing maintenance and support.