10 Reasons to Hire a Self Bunded Fuel Tank for your facility

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Investing in a Self Bunded Fuel Tank is an efficient way for a lot of companies to save money and depending on their activity and industry, many companies prefer to hire a fuel tank instead of purchasing one for permanent use.

There are various advantages to fuel tank rentals such as avoiding long-term commitments, maintaining flexibility in terms of fuel supplier, reducing initial capital outlay or simply minimising purchasing and maintenance costs. We’ve listed the 10 top benefits of hiring a self-bunded fuel tank.

Why hire fuel storage?

Fuel Tank Hire is a great option for both a short-term solution (to cover a short-term shutdown) and a long-term way of supplementing existing infrastructure (to cover seasonal variance and peak-demand).

As a business, there are many benefits to consider when renting a fuel tank such as reducing the initial capital outlay while increasing the fuel supply when it is most needed.
For example, a construction company that is working on a temporary job site that only requires fuel storage for the life of the project will see huge benefits from renting a tank. The cost of the fuel tank hire can be factored into the cost of the ongoing fuel purchases to allow for consolidated billing as part of the project. In this scenario, renting a tank for a specific job location will keep the company accounting and bookkeeping clean and straightforward to follow.

1.    Reduce the initial capital outlay and maintain a steady monthly operational cost

Investing in fuel storage tanks can help companies save a lot of money by storing a large amount of fuel, thereby reducing the transportation cost of regular diesel, fuel, or oil.

Hiring a Self Bunded Fuel Tank doesn’t require a large upfront capital outlay and allows companies to reduce their commitment to a regular monthly payment so they can invest capital in other areas.

2.    Get more flexibility through Fuel Tank Renting

Hiring a Self Bunded Fuel Tank is a great option for companies that need to transport a significant amount of oil, fuel, or diesel to remote locations or temporary job sites. Renting Fuel Tanks and utilising a supplier’s nationwide network makes good sense for a business that requires fuel drop-off so they don’t need to transport tanks to another site location should the operations move regularly.

Also, fuel storage rental offers a lot of alternatives to choose from with tank sizes and storage capacity ranging from just 1,000 Litres up to 200,000 Litres. Companies can decide to return, upgrade, or downgrade their fuel management and storage system at any time and change the size of the Fuel Tank they are renting to suit the changing needs of the business.

Fuel Tanks on site allow for heavy machinery, trucks and all the company fleet vehicles to refuel directly on the spot, reducing downtime and making it easy for remote workers.

3.    Benefit from convenient Fuel Management Solutions

Self Bunded Tanks are easy to set up, move and relocate when necessary. Short-term or long-term Fuel Tank rental is ideal for companies that will work on temporary work sites and will have to remove or relocate their equipment frequently. Self Bunded Tanks are well-engineered and can be confidently transported over long distances and on challenging roads.

Fuel service solutions providers like Fuelfix and Tanks2Go will have a nationwide network of qualified and industry-trained technicians who can safely deploy and install equipment on every site and can help with any fuel projects.

4.    Save on Fuel and save time

Time is money and for some companies, saving time can mean saving millions. Downtime can be avoided with a well-located fuel hire tank which reduces refuelling time for vehicles and allows for efficient fuel deliveries to the tank.

Companies that do not require year-round fuel storage can take advantage of the lower cost provided by the setting up a tank rental. Temporary tank rentals are a great option for businesses with seasonal high diesel fuel demands.

5.    Reduce ongoing maintenance fees and limit depreciation, obsolescence, and storage costs

Fuel Tank leasing agreements usually come with the reassurance of having a support team available for calling up to undertake regular maintenance, backup operations and technical support. With regular tank maintenance and inspections, the Self Bunded tanks are kept clean and in excellent condition at all times. For more information you can read our article about the need of scheduled servicing & preventative maintenance program for fuel tanks.

Companies can choose to return the Fuel Tank at the end of a project to hire a new one for their next project and avoid storing it at their facility.

6.    Maintain the health of the fuel and optimise your fleet performance

The quality of the fuel used for company fleets, trucks and heavy machineries is essential to limit their operational costs. Clean fuel has never been more important for proper equipment operation and minimising downtime. The sophistication of today’s transportation equipment requires higher fuel cleanliness to meet the demands of precision-designed engines.

Self Bunded  Fuel Tank Hire is a great option to ensure the Tank remains in excellent condition and that the fuel quality remains in pristine condition.

7.    Ensure Compliance with Australian Standards

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks have minimal on-site footprint and require no major civil or site works for installation. Fuel Tank rentals are a great way to make sure the worksite remains safe and complies with AS1940:2017.

Fuel service solutions providers like Fuelfix and Tanks2Go can provide self-bunded fuel tanks that meet all the relevant standards and are compliant with all the necessary environmental and safety legislation and perform the 10-Yearly Inspection Program.

Investing in a certified tank complete with valves, pipes, pumps, and hoses means refuelling will be seamless and easy, with no mess.

8.    Improve security and avoid fuel theft

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks are set up with security features which reduce the risk of fuel theft both when in use and out of normal hours. Larger tanks typically have Fuel Management Systems which control the vehicles and personnel able to refuel. Smaller tanks provide lockable hatches to secure fuel when the tank is not in use.

Moreover, some systems such as Fuelfix Fuel Management System (FMS) allows companies to track their fuel usage and streamline their fuel management reporting. Fuel Management Systems give you access to valuable fuel usage data and real-time alerts for rapid spikes of fuel level, over-fuelling, depleting fuel levels in storage tanks or unusual refuelling behaviour.

9.    Take advantage of emergency technical or breakdown support

Renting a Fuel Tank will ensure you have available support in case of emergency breakdown.

Nationwide companies such as Fuelfix and Tanks2Go can provide a rapid response service onsite for their Tanks for Hire – no matter how remote – to ensure ongoing operational integrity of their client.

10.  Avoid commitment and try the equipment

Hiring a Fuel Tank is a great alternative for companies that do not want to commit to lengthy fuel supply contracts. They can take advantage of lower fuel prices and the convenience of delivery without having to commit to a long-term contract. This is also an effective way to test a provider and figure out what size or model of fuel tank is best for the business.


Fuelfix & Tanks2Go offer one of the largest ranges of fuel tanks for hire in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a supplementary fuel supply for your mining or construction site – or you’re in search of a larger solution for your transport operation, we have the ideal solution to suit your needs.

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