Our projects

We provide energy and emissions solutions to some of Australia’s largest mine sites, construction projects, and civil infrastructure. See our latest work in action.
Our Energy Management Solutions, Equipment for Hire and Refuelling Solutions in Action

Fuelfix has delivered successful projects in the areas of Energy and Fuel Management and Storage Solutions. We have implemented projects across different industry sectors, tackling unique challenges and offering creative solutions nationwide. Our case studies demonstrate our capability and capacity and offer insightful information on the difficulties our clients have experienced, and the innovative solutions implemented. Our experience has allowed us to deliver customised solutions that streamline fuel and energy storage and management procedures, increase productivity, and guarantee compliance with safety standards.

Each of our case studies covers a range of scenarios within the context of Energy Storage Solutions, including clients with constrained storage capacity, compliance issues, the requirement for on-site storage and the challenge of reducing emissions without reducing site downtime. We showcase our expertise in developing and implementing tailored solutions that optimise equipment and operations and integrate advanced monitoring systems to ensure safety, equipment optimisation and operational efficiencies.

Fuelfix takes pride in its ability to comprehend the unique requirements of each client and provide solutions that go beyond expectations. Our case studies demonstrate our dedication to offering dependable, effective, and compliant energy and fuel storage and management solutions. To fully understand how Fuelfix has overcome obstacles and produced outstanding outcomes for our customers, take a look at our case studies.