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Explore our hybrid-powered and solar light towers designed to help you transition to a clean-energy future and achieve greater energy efficiency.

Go-Greener With Our Hybrid and Solar Lighting Towers

Increase efficiency, eliminate emissions and decrease fuel consumption with our low-maintenance, durable, easy-to-transport lighting towers.
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Light Up a Greener Future

Fuelfix range of LED  Light Towers are the perfect lighting options ideal for mine sites, construction sites, tunnel and road works, and outdoor events.

Our portable Lighting Towers are designed to increase your energy efficiency and lower fuel costs, with low or no emissions and zero maintenance and operational costs. They also feature a robust chassis, designed to mine specifications and to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.

With smart features like a programmable light timer and 4G connectivity so you can operate your lighting tower from anywhere.

Find Your Perfect Lighting Solution

Light Coverage Powered by Run Time Emissions Smart Features Transport Lighting Application Lighting area @160lux Lighting area @40lux Lighting area @5lux
Hybrid Lighting Tower 270,000lm – HL270
50,000m2 Battery & diesel 280 hours Low emissions Victron inverter to switch between diesel & battery power, 4G connectivity to allow remote monitoring Forklift pockets Access, General Work 1,540m2 6,470m2 50,000m2
sl86 Solar Lighting Tower 86,000lm – SL86
13,788m2 Battery 29 hours Zero Programmable light timer and controls, optional 4G connectivity which allows remote operation and monitoring. Towable trailer with all-terrain tyres Area, Access, General Work 970m2 2242m2 13,788m2
SL21 Solar Lighting Tower 21,000lm – SL21
5,054m2 Battery 26 hours Zero Programmable light timer & controls Forklift pockets Area, Access N/A 522m2 5,054m2

Why Choose Fuelfix Hybrid and Solar Lighting Towers

Discover why our range of light towers are the perfect, low-emissions solution for your worksite.

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Fuelfix range of Hybrid and Solar Lighting Towers is proven in the field, withstanding the harsh weather conditions of remote areas. With no maintenance or operational costs, this light tower guarantees great reliability, high efficiency, and bright illumination at a lower cost.
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Low Emissions

Our range of Light Towers is comprised of hybrid and solar-powered solutions, providing maximum power with minimal footprint and illuminates at night without any noise. Save on operational costs and reduce environmental impact with our easy to operate lighting solution!
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Fuelfix range of Hybrid and Solar Lighting Towers provides lighting from dusk until dawn and creates a safe and secure environment for workers.

With its in-built smart features, get bright light when refuelling at anytime.


Fuelfix Lighting Towers in Action

Illuminating Success - A Greener Approach to Event Lighting

Kings Park, Perth, WA View Project
Black & White – Power & Light (B&W) has been a stalwart in the event management industry since 2009, specialising in providing reliable temporary power and site/safety lighting solutions for some of the most memorable metro and regional events in Western Australia.

They contacted Fuelfix to supply a sustainable and efficient lighting solution for the the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth.

Optimising Mining Operations with Low Emissions Lighting Solutions

Meteor Downs Mine South, QLD View Project
Sojitz Blue partnered with Fuelfix to optimise their mine site operations, with a primary focus on mobile plant and equipment.

With an overarching goal to reduce fuel consumption, improve asset utilisation, and reduce maintenance costs Fuelfix provided a dependable and greener lighting solution, overcoming the constraints of traditional diesel-powered lighting towers.

Turn on the Lights for DJ Fred Again Show in Perth

Langley Park, Perth, WA
B&W partnered again with Fuelfix to provide reliable temporary lighting solutions for the DJ Fred Again show in Perth. They required a sustainable and efficient lighting solution.

Fuelfix HL270 (hybrid) and SL86 (solar) units were specifically selected for their efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. They were strategically positioned throughout the event area for site, safety and egress lighting solutions.

Illuminating Fuelfix Depot for scheduled nightwork

Brendale, QLD
A large concrete work was performed at Fuelfix and Tanks2Go Brendale. The pour was undertaken at night and the concreting contractor required bright illumination over the work area.

We used our hybrid lighting towers HL270 and solar light tower SL86 to illuminate the area with the required light output, minimal noise disturbance and low fuel consumption.

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We capture data from your Fuel Management System to help improve site fuel efficiency and reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
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We identify the best fit-for-purpose solution to reduce energy consumption and emissions, whilst maintaining operational performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lighting Towers Use Cases and Applications?

Light towers are used when illumination is required but not otherwise available, both outdoor and indoor, usually temporarily. They are used in various industries and scenarios, including:

  • Construction, such as urban construction pipelines, engineering construction, road maintenance, and road paving.
  • Mining Operations.
  • Emergency and disaster relief, such as flood prevention and rescue.
  • Sport and events.
  • Agricultural sectors.

Durable, reliable and extremely versatile, our mobile lighting towers are suitable for a wide range of applications, from short-term events to large-scale mining work.

Are solar lighting towers more cost-effective than diesel?

Fuelfix solar Light towers are powered with solar energy, so there’s no running costs related to fuel. They also require less maintenance than diesel lighting towers and have zero emissions or exhaust fumes. They are also quieter to run than diesel operated light towers.