Hybrid Lighting
Tower 270,000 (HL270)

Super Bright Light Visibility for Mining & Industry Use. Energy efficient mobile lighting tower designed to deliver long-lasting bright illumination and significant fuel savings for mining sites.

Hybrid Lighting Tower HL270

  • Light output 270,000 Lumens
  • Operational costs and emissions reduced by up to 50%
  • Operating time 280 Hours
  • Extended maintenance and refuelling intervals x2 compared to traditional diesel-powered units

Product Features

The Fuelfix 270,000 Lumens Hybrid Lighting Tower (HL270) is a cost-effective industrial outdoor lighting solution suitable for a multitude of applications across the mining, resources, civil, events sectors and during maintenance shutdowns; delivering a guaranteed high intensity light source that solar simply can’t match.

The HL270 provides lighting for an area of 50,000m2 with access area lighting for 6,470m2 and general area lighting for 1,540m2.

  • Highly-efficient:This hybrid diesel powered battery system lowers fuel consumption while reducing engine runtime by up to 50%. This in turn increases runtime to up to 280 hours per fill.
  • Durable: Robust cube design suitable for mine applications Australian weatherproof (from 0 to 50°C)
  • Environmentally Friendly: Hybrid diesel powered battery system Greenhouse gas emissions reductions by up to 50%
  • Smart Hybrid Feature: Smart Victron inverter automatically switches between diesel and battery power to maximise reliability and minimise fuel usage. 4/5G connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Ease of Transport: Compact shape with forklift pockets to allow safe and easy transport in the harshest of environments
  • Eco-friendly LED lights: Brighter lamps with longer lifespans (up to 50,000 hours), providing better illumination and instant toggling with no warm up or cool down required
icon speed Highly-efficient
icon durable Durable
icon hydro power Smart Hybrid Feature
icon transport ease Ease of Transport
icon led light Eco-friendly LED lights
Product Specification
230L fully bunded
Height 2550 mm
Width 1300 mm
Length 1500 mm
Height 7550 mm
Width 2460 mm
Length 2500 mm
1500 kg
Lights 4 x 350W LED Modules
Light Bar Tilt 0 to 70°
Lumens Output 270,000
Coverage 50000 m² at 5 lux
Genset Output 3.4kW 48V DC
Fuel Consumption 1.8L/hr (only for genset)
Noise Level 65Db AT 7m
Overall Runtime 230 Hours
Control Panel Smartgen lighting tower controller
Lighting Coverage
OUR PROJECTS Projects With This Product

Illuminating Success - A Greener Approach to Event Lighting

Kings Park, Perth, WA View Project
As events continue to evolve, the need for innovative and sustainable solutions becomes increasingly apparent. Black & White – Power & Light (B&W) contacted Fuelfix to deliver a low emission and efficient lighting solution for the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth.

In an industry where operational efficiency, environmental consciousness, and client satisfaction are paramount, the partnership between B&W and Fuelfix serves as a model for future endeavours.

Turn on the Lights for DJ Fred Again Show in Perth

Langley Park, Perth, WA
B&W partnered again with Fuelfix to provide reliable temporary lighting solutions for the DJ Fred Again show in Perth. They required a sustainable and efficient lighting solution.

Fuelfix HL270 (hybrid) and SL86 (solar) units were specifically selected for their efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. They were strategically positioned throughout the event area for site, safety and egress lighting solutions.

Illuminating Fuelfix Depot for scheduled nightwork

Brendale, QLD
A large concrete work was performed at Fuelfix and Tanks2Go Brendale. The pour was undertaken at night and the concreting contractor required bright illumination over the work area.

We used our hybrid lighting towers HL270 and solar light tower SL86 to illuminate the area with the required light output, minimal noise disturbance and low fuel consumption.