Fuel Tanks for Sale and for Hire

Whether you need a short-term fuel storage solution or are searching for a long-term partner, we have options to suit you.

No matter your needs, with Fuelfix you can expect:

  • End-to-end service including installation, commissioning, transport and cranage
  • Nationwide availability to meet your lead times and respond rapidly to breakdowns
  • Flexible options to meet your needs and requirements
  • Unmatched selection of high grade diesel tanks, designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions
  • Solar powered options available for all our small tanks and a selection of our larger tanks. Contact us for more information.

Fuelfix offers a range of self-bunded fuel tanks for sale and hire, helping your business use and store diesel efficiently, conveniently and safely. With two decades of industry experience, we are the preferred Australian supplier for self bunded fuel tanks.

Visit our Go-Greener range and discover sustainable power systems and battery energy storage systems that can be paired with our tanks to provide reliable, easy to use and 100% off-grid fuel storage solutions.

Type of Tank
Fuelfix Solution

Fuel Tank Solutions

Fuel Tanks for Hire

When you hire a self bunded fuel tank with Fuelfix, you experience:

  • No upfront capital expenditure
  • No long-term lock-in contracts
  • Technical support nationwide and back-up equipment
  • No obsolescence, depreciation or storage costs
  • Operational flexibility
  • HSE standards and mine site requirements met
  • Optional support to shift to cleaner energy solutions

Fuel Tanks for Sale

When you buy a self bunded fuel tank with Fuelfix, you experience:

  • Options to scope fit-for-purpose infrastructure
  • Long-term fuel storage solutions
  • Expert guidance in deciding the right sized tank and refuelling arrangements
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Fuel your Transition without the Capital Outlay

Fuel Tanks for sale & for hire

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of self-bunded tanks Fuelfix offers?

Our broad hire fleet includes over 1,500 fuel storage and management assets, allowing us to meet the demands of businesses across the country. We have small and large capacity self bunded fuel tanks, ranging from from 500 to 200,000 litres. Our wide range of equipment is compliant with Australian industry standards and provides maximum operational fuel efficiency without risk to reliability.

We offer scalable choices to our clients, ensuring we can satisfy the needs from small construction projects to major transportation operations.

What are the benefits of Fuelfix Fuel Tanks?

When it comes to diesel fuel storage, our self-bunded diesel fuel tanks are the clear winner. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest industry standards and meet all specifications ensuring optimal operational performance, maximum equipment uptime and minimal risks to the business continuity.

We prioritise quality at Fuelfix and Tanks2Go and partner with some of the most reputable suppliers in the hydrocarbon and fuel industry. We ensure that our customers receive top-of-the-line fuel tanks, trailers, and accessories by investing in our fleet and upgrading our equipment.

We continue to innovate and expand our range of products to meet our customers’ needs.

Do you offer solar-powered fuel storage solutions?

Providing an unmatched selection of high grade steel tanks, Fuelfix has provided operations across Australia, big and small, with fuel storage containers designed to hold up in even the most extreme weather conditions.

Bringing innovative and practical solutions to the table, Fuelfix has changed the world of fuel storage by providing greener alternatives with its range of Go-Greener products.

Solar-powered and battery driven options are available for all of our small tanks and a selection of our larger tanks, to transform the fuel storage container into a stand-alone, energy-efficient, and greener fuel storage solution. The tank is fitted with our innovative solar-powered refuelling system which can accommodate light to medium fleet refuelling.

From mining projects to construction and transport, our fuel storage tanks and accompanying services can help ensure your operation has the best on-site solutions the market can offer.

Do you offer storage containers for HVO and other renewable energy sources?

We partner with some of the best-known suppliers in the fuel industry and continually invest in our fleet to deliver innovative solutions to our customers such as bespoke HVO fuel storage solutions.

There are various forms of energy being explored across industries, including hydrogen, electrification and other forms of energy and we are exploring what the landscape looks like and how we can assist customers across a range of energy supplies.