Fuelling Australia’s Industries towards a Greener Future

Australia’s industries are big economic drivers, but also utilise large amounts of fuel. Fuelfix can help you to increase your energy efficiency by reducing operational and maintenance costs, to do right by your business, customers, and the environment. You can trust us to help you navigate your cleaner energy future today.

Navigating your Pathway to a Decarbonised Future

As the world transitions towards a low emissions future, the demand to combine traditional fuels with renewable and next generation alternatives continues to gain pace. Fuelfix is committed to helping its customers in their journey to a clean energy future through innovative energy management and storage solutions, from fuel tanks, to fuel management systems, fuel data & analytics services, solar power generation equipment and more.

Leveraging extensive hydrocarbons expertise, Fuelfix is well placed to provide best in class solutions to customers to optimise energy efficiency when it comes to reducing fuel consumption, operational costs, equipment maintenance, and CO2 emissions.

Whatever your industry, making the right choice for cleaner and greener solutions is integral for your business as well as the environment. Whether your infrastructure is using traditional hydrocarbons or you’re starting to try a hybrid energy solution, or maybe you’re even wanting to make the complete switch to renewable energy, we’ve got you covered.

Through our Data Analytics and Insight service, we support a range of industry’s operations in decarbonising their infrastructure.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel Storage Solution

Facilitating Australia’s Infrastructure
Sector’s Decarbonisation

Mining & Resources

Keep your site running smoothly at all times with an uninterrupted fuel supply, no matter the conditions.

Transport & Logistics

Track your fuel across the country, keeping account and control of small to large fleets, no matter the location.


All our energy products are designed to withstand harsh conditions in remote areas, perfect for your construction site.

Civil Infrastructure

Getting and using the right amount of fuel in an efficient manner, to cut costs and emissions down.
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Fuelfix in Action in Your Industry

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel Storage Solution


As the world transitions towards a low emissions future, the demand to combine traditional fuels with renewable and next generation alternatives continues to gain pace.

In response to operational requirements, Fuelfix developed an HVO fuel storage solution for a trial on the use of HVO at one of our major client’s mine sites in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel Storage Solution
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We are your end-to-end energy management and emissions solutions partner. Explore how we can help you cut costs and maximise your energy efficiency.

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Fuelfix Fuel Management Systems

Measure, control and conserve your fuel usage with our Fuelfix Fuel Management System—we’ll install & maintain it for you!
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Engineered Solutions

We identify the best fit-for-purpose solution to reduce energy consumption and emissions, whilst maintaining operational performance.
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Repairs and Maintenance

Ensure your business has an uninterrupted energy supply and always runs efficiently with our repair and maintenance programs.
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Do you service the mining industry?

Yes! All of our products meet mine specification standards, and we have strategically located teams around Australia, ready to respond fast to any of your energy needs, no matter how remote your site.

How do you service the transport industry?

By analyzing your fuel usage from existing infrastructure such as dispensing units, routes, and ultimately fleet usage, Fuelfix is able through its analyst team to decipher fuel usage and dispensing patterns to find strong points of conformance and irregularities to optimize.
Doing so will enable you to have greater confidence in your fuel and energy efficiency, saving you time, operating and overhead costs.

How do you service the Civil Construction industry?

We work with you to cut your fuel consumption costs, increase your fuel efficiency and decrease scope 1 and 2 emissions. We work with you to monitor your fuel usage, and suggest ways to improve efficiency, as well as provide you with all your energy and fuel storage solutions. Plus, we have strategically located repair and maintenance teams located throughout Australia to rapidly respond to breakdowns and support your site when you need it most.