Fuel Management System

Measure, control and conserve fuel with real-time accurate fuel data you can access anywhere, at any time.

Measure, Control & Conserve Your Fuel

Identify issues, optimise fuel efficiency, reduce your emissions, cut fuel costs and minimise downtime with real-time visibility of your fuel usage data from our fuel management system. Build the future of fuel storage infrastructure with the Fuelfix Fuel Management System (FMS).
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Manage Your Fuel Usage

What is the Fuelfix Fuel Management System?

The Fuelfix FMS is a combination of hardware and software components that enable you to measure, track, monitor and control every drop of your fuel usage.

The system consists of a dispensing authorisation unit and a tank level probe which measures and tracks the volume of fuel dispensed to vehicles and equipment and monitors the level of fuel in your tank. The real-time data is stored on the cloud and is instantly available providing you with access to your fuel usage data anywhere, anytime across multiple sites and devices.

With Fuelfix FMS, monitor, manage and report on your fuel data instantly. 

Fuel Management System

Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)

Complete your fuel management and reporting system by adding Automatic Tank Gauging to your FMS. This technology makes efficient stock control easier than ever—with ATG you’ll be able to check fuel tank levels via your web browser, and easily set up regular fuel level alerts on your smartphone.

When you combine the Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) with our Fuelfix FMS, you have a complete fuel management and reporting system in just one unit, to report, record, measure and alert about fuel use and levels. That means you can optimise fuel deliveries and get easy reporting for diesel rebate tracking.

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Increase Fuel Efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions

Your Complete Fuel Management and Reporting System

Streamline your fuel management, cut fuel costs and increase operational efficiency with our Fuel Management Services. Benefit from a complete cloud-based fleet management solution in just one unit, to report, record, measure and alert you about fuel use and levels. With our Fuel Data and Analytics service we help improve your operational efficiencies and reduce your emissions.

  • A complete solution with total control
  • Access to fuel data anywhere, at any time
  • Accurate and reliable fuel transaction data for NGER reporting
  • Remote access
  • Easy to use and easy to set up
  • Enhanced security
  • Designed to deal with unstable power sources
  • Local technical support
  • Streamlined and automated reporting
  • Enable strategies to reduce scope 1 and scope 2 emissions
Take control of your operations today

Streamline Your Fuel Management

Enhance your fuel performance with Fuelfix’s range of services and experience the benefits of a streamlined fuel management process.

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Initial installation of the FMS including testing, calibration and activation of the system.

We will take you through the instructions on how to use the system, enter 1 key fob for the activation of the system, activate and calibrate the Automatic Tank Gauging when supplied.


Accurately capture reliable fuel transaction data.

We assist in implementing effective data capture rules and policies to reduce environmental impact and ensure a seamless operational flow.

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Monitoring / REPORTING

Streamlined and automated reporting capabilities.

System agnostic, our service provides you with accurate data and comprehensive analytics at your fingertips to help you save both time and money.


Data Analytics / INSIGHTS

Operational efficiency and emissions reduction.

Through the review of your site data, we help improve your operations and decision-making by developing strategies to optimise fuel storage, distribution and consumption.


Fuelfix Fuel Management System in Action

Data Driven Decarbonisation Strategies for Sojitz Blue

Gregory Coal Mine, Crinum, QLD View Project

Mining operations are expected to be more efficient in their use of hydrocarbons and are looking for tangible strategies to immediately reduce their scope 1 and scope 2 CO2 emissions, whilst maintaining operational reliability and cost efficiency.

With an overarching goal to reduce fuel consumption, improve asset utilisation, and reduce maintenance costs Fuelfix designed a clear pathway for Sojitz to target those key deliverables.

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Your Energy Management Partner

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We are your end-to-end energy management and emissions solutions partner. Explore other ways we can help you cut costs and maximise your energy efficiency.

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Data Analytics and Insights

We capture data from your Fuel Management System to help improve site fuel efficiency and reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
Improve Operational Efficiencies
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Infrastructure Repairs and Maintenance

Ensure your business has an uninterrupted energy supply and always runs efficiently with our repair and maintenance programs.
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Engineered Solutions

We identify the best fit-for-purpose solution to reduce energy consumption and emissions, whilst maintaining operational performance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of Fuelfix's Fuel Management System?

Fuelfix’s Fuel Management System is designed to efficiently monitor and control fuel usage and fuel spend, offering real-time data on fuel consumption for optimal fuel efficiency and significant cost savings for commercial fleets.

How does the Fuelfix Fuel Management System help in controlling fuel costs?

By installing a Fuel Management System you’ll gain complete visibility over how every drop of fuel is being used. When that data is analysed by our experienced team, we’ll be able to identify any issues, help you optimise fuel consumption and deliveries and minimise equipment downtime.

Can Fuelfix’s system prevent fuel theft?

Absolutely! With features like controlled fuel access and real-time monitoring, the system effectively mitigates risks associated with fuel theft, ensuring secure fuel storage.

Is the Fuelfix FMS resistant to harsh environment?

The Fuelfix FMS unit is designed to deal with unstable power sources, such as generators, truck systems and environments with high levels of electrical noise. A glass-reinforced nylon enclosure ensures continuous operation in all conditions.

How do you configure the Fuel Management System?

Fuelfix offer services to assist its customers in the set-up of the FMS. We are ensuring that effective data capture rules and policies are implemented through the Fuel Management System so customers can accurately capture reliable fuel transaction data.