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Take your first step towards a clean energy future with our low and zero-emissions energy power systems.

Powering Your Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Increase your energy efficiency, decrease fuel consumption and mitigate scope 1 and scope 2 emissions with our low and no-emissions renewable off-grid power systems.
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Fuelfix range of hybrid generators with solar trailer

Solar Power Systems and Hybrid Generators

Greener Power Generation

Go-Greener and reduce scope 1 and scope 2 emissions with our range of renewable energy power generation systems.

We offer both hybrid and solar power generation options to meet you wherever you’re at on your clean energy transition. Our hybrid power systems are designed to provide a “plug and play” sustainable power solution, combining electrical components such as battery storage with a generator to reduce fuel usage and emissions. Our hybrid systems can also be connected to solar power.

Our solar power generation systems are modular ground deployed solutions, with zero emissions.

Both our systems can be tailored to your specific power needs.

Stand Alone Power Systems Specifications

Find Your Perfect Hybrid Generator

Phase Voltage AC Output Power Battery Type AC Output Capacity Fuel Tank Capacity Solar Input Power
Hybrid Generator – Power System HESU15
Single Phase 230v AC 15kVA Lithium Iron Phosphate - LFP(LiFePO4) 20.48kWh 76L 2 x 4kWp Charge Controllers
Hybrid Power Systems – Hybrid Generator HESU30
3-phase 400v AC 30kVA Lithium Iron Phosphate - LFP(LiFePO4) 40kWh 100L 10kWp Charge Controllers

Practical Examples Of Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid Power Systems combine different energy sources with energy storage to create a single energy solution that provides continuous and reliable power. Let’s review what are common Hybrid Energy Systems (HES) and how do they work:

BESS + Generator Power

A battery energy storage like the ESU50 acts as the primary source of power on the site and is coupled with a small diesel generator to charge the unit when the battery is low. This pairing reduces generator runtime, lowers diesel fuel consumption by up to 75% and slashes associated costs, and significantly cuts down on CO2 emissions.

Suitable for a multitude of applications across the mining, resources, civil, events sectors and during maintenance shutdowns, this hybrid system ensures continuous power supply to remote sites no matter the operating conditions.


BESS + Solar Energy

A true netZERO solution combining a battery energy storage with solar energy. The BESS unit powers the load, while the solar panels kick in to charge the battery when it depletes, emitting zero emissions and zero noise. This Hybrid Energy System offers clean energy and reliability, cutting reliance on fossil fuel-based sources and ongoing operational costs.  

Suitable for a multitude of applications, they are available from small off-grid modular power supply units through to large containerised units for large-scale grid-side energy storage.


BESS + Solar + Generator

In this configuration, the main source of power comes from the combination of BESS and solar systems like the Solar Skid, the generator functions solely as a backup power source. This pairing harnesses the power of the sun for clean energy generation.

Solar panels charge the battery and excess solar power is stored within the battery energy storage system for later as a reserve for nighttime use, peak demand periods or periods of low solar production, ensuring a consistent power supply.


Hybrid Power Systems

How Fuelfix Go-Greener Hybrid Power Systems deliver savings

Modular, scalable and dependable 24/7, Fuelfix hybrid power systems deliver operational efficiencies and savings over traditional standalone gensets via the following features:

  • Generator Size
    A smaller generator is used delivering savings through lower operational costs.
  • Hours of Operation
    The energy management system only engages the generator when the battery is low. With full charge the HESU15 battery can run for up to two hours before engaging the generator.
  • Fuel Efficiency
    When engaged the generator runs at its most efficient load (75%), delivering fuel savings and extending genset life (approx . 3 times) through elimination of glazing.
  • Reduced Maintenance
    Due to reduced hours of operation, maintenance and refuelling requirements are significantly reduced.
CASE STUDY Fuelfix Power Sytems in Action

Powering Construction Sites with Low Emissions Solutions

Eglinton, WA, Australia View Project

In a first for Western Australia, Cedar Woods launched WA’s first-ever residential community energy sharing network as part of Eglinton Village estate development.

Fuelfix was commissioned to provide a temporary reliable, scalable and low emissions power solution for the project to reduce fuel reliance and resultant emissions. Fuelfix Hybrid Power Systems were the ideal solution for the project.

Powering Events with Low Emissions Solutions

Kings Park, Perth, WA View Project

Black & White – Power & Light (B&W) has been a stalwart in the event management industry since 2009, specialising in providing reliable temporary power and site/safety lighting solutions for some of the most memorable metro and regional events in Western Australia.

They contacted Fuelfix to supply a sustainable and efficient power solution for the the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth.

Solar-Powered refuelling solution for Dyno Nobel

Moranbah, QLD, Australia View Project

A long lasting-customer of Fuelfix & Tanks2Go, leader in the commercial explosive industry, approached us to conduct the 10 Year Inspections and upgrade of the Transtank T68 self-bunded tank used at their Moranbah QLD site.

During site assessment and development of the scope, it was identified that an exchange tank was required to keep the site operational during the inspection process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hybrid battery solution uses a generator?

Yes, a smaller generator than the one used in traditional standalone gensets is used for Fuelfix Battery solutions, delivering savings through lower rental and operational costs.

How often does the generator works on Hybrid battery solution?

The battery only engages the generator when required.

What are the benefits of Fuelfix Hybrid Battery Solutions

There are several benefits using Fuelfix Hybrid Power System over traditional power generators including reduced fuel burn, reduced emissions, and reduced operational requirements. Fuelfix can provide the customer with a solution that effectively only requires a quarterly refuelling cycle and an annual genset maintenance cycle.