Battery Energy Storage System

Power up remote mine, construction, and industrial sites with our 5KW/8kWh, single phase mobile battery storage units (ESU5). Our battery storage units can be used in conjunction with solar, grid or generators input designed to provide AC power for a variety of temporary and long-term applications.

Single Phase Mobile AC Battery Storage ESU5

  • Zero emissions and silent operation
  • Easy to transport and relocate
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs

Product Features

  • Ease of Transport: The compact shape with forklift pockets allows safe and easy handling.
  • Zero Carbon Emissions: The long-lasting lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology produces zero noise and air pollution.
  • Durable: The IP54 rated aluminium enclosure is designed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.
  • Highly-efficient and Cost Effective: The ESU5 is chargeable through solar skid, grid or generator input and the 8kWh battery will recharge in 3 hours.
  • Smart Features: Remote fleet management through online portal. Live monitoring with built in 4G modem (Optional Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, ideal for remote sites) and Bluetooth App, simple set up and operation suitable for non-technical users. Live updates on battery state of charge as well as battery health.
  • Connect with solar input: A true netZERO solution combining a battery energy storage with Fuelfix solar skid and cutting reliance on fossil fuel-based sources and ongoing operational costs. This system offers clean energy and reliability with zero emissions and zero noise.
icon transport ease Ease of Transport
icon maintenance Smart Features
icon speed Highly-efficient
icon durable Durable
icon eco friendly Zero Emissions
Product Specification
Voltage 240v AC
Lifting Fork Pockets & Tie/Lifting points
Output Power 5kVA continuous load at 25°C
Battery Voltage 48V DC
AC Output Capacity 8.3kWh
Recharge Time 3 hours (10-100%)
Fast Charge 50% battery capacity in 1 hour (SOC between 10-80%)
Height 700 mm
Width 700 mm
Length 1000 mm
180 kg