Hybrid Generator HESU15

The Fuelfix hybrid generator (HESU15) is a cost-effective single phase 15kVA outdoor power generation solution ideal for mine sites, shutdowns, constructions sites, civil works, remote offices, and outdoor events.

These hybrid power systems can be used in conjunction with solar, to provide portable AC power and reduce emissions by up to 90%.

Hybrid Power System HESU15

  • Modular, scalable and portable
  • Operational costs , carbon emissions and noise reduced by up to 50%
  • Reduced maintenance and refuelling intervals compared to traditional diesel generators

Product Features

  • Ease of Transport: The compact shape with forklift pockets allows for safe and easy handling.
  • Smart features: Remote monitoring functionality with live updates on power usage and run time. Bluetooth App, simple set up and operation suitable for non-technical users.
  • Environmentally Friendly: This battery system significantly reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution. These battery storage units can be used in conjunction with solar, to provide portable AC power and reduce emissions by up to 90%.
  • Durable: The robust cube design can withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.
  • Highly-efficient: The smart system switches from diesel to battery power at low/continuous load to create significant fuel savings.
  • Energy-saving: Excess energy from the generator is used to charge the battery for future use, reducing energy losses.
icon transport ease Ease of Transport
icon hydro power Smart Features
icon eco friendly Environmentally Friendly
icon durable Durable
icon speed Highly-efficient
Product Specification
Height 2040 mm
Width 1680 mm
Length 835 mm
Battery Voltage 51.2V DC
AC Output Capacity 20.48kWh
Recharge Time 3 hours (10-100%)
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate

Modular, scalable and dependable 24/7

Power Your Remote Operations with Hybrid Generators

Our Hybrid Generators can cut up to 50% of diesel usage, and when combined with Solar Skid, the savings could be even greater with up to 90% less fuel. These systems not only save costs and emissions but also offer safety and noise reduction benefits.

CASE STUDY Fuelfix Power Sytems in Action

Powering Construction Sites with Low Emissions Solutions

Eglinton, WA, Australia View Project

In a first for Western Australia, Cedar Woods launched WA’s first-ever residential community energy sharing network as part of Eglinton Village estate development.

Fuelfix was commissioned to provide a temporary reliable, scalable and low emissions power solution for the project to reduce fuel reliance and resultant emissions. Fuelfix Hybrid Power Systems were the ideal solution for the project.

Powering Events with Low Emissions Solutions

Kings Park, Perth, WA View Project

Black & White – Power & Light (B&W) has been a stalwart in the event management industry since 2009, specialising in providing reliable temporary power and site/safety lighting solutions for some of the most memorable metro and regional events in Western Australia.

They contacted Fuelfix to supply a sustainable and efficient power solution for the the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are hybrid generators?

Hybrid generators combine traditional fuel-based power generation (such as diesel or gas) with renewable energy sources (like solar or wind). They offer increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved reliability.

How do hybrid generators work?

Hybrid generators automatically switch between different power sources based on load demand and availability.
When renewable energy is abundant (e.g., during sunny days), the system prioritises solar or wind power.
During low renewable energy periods, the generator seamlessly switches to traditional fuel-based power.

What are the benefits of using hybrid generatorWhy chs in Australia?

Reduced carbon footprint: Hybrid systems minimise greenhouse gas emissions.
Cost savings: By using renewable energy, you reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuels.
Grid independence: Hybrid generators provide backup power during grid outages.
Adaptability: They can be customised for various applications, from residential to industrial.

Why choose Fuelfix hybrid generators for your energy needs?

Hybrid generators provide a sustainable solution by utilising both conventional and green energy sources.
They offer flexibility, allowing you to switch between fuel and renewable energy based on availability and demand.
In Australia, where environmental consciousness is high, hybrid generators align well with the country's energy goals and businesses ESG objectives.

Are hybrid generators suitable for remote areas in Australia?

Absolutely! Hybrid systems are ideal for off-grid locations where connecting to the main power grid is challenging.
They ensure reliable power supply even in remote mining sites, agricultural areas, or eco-tourism destinations.

What maintenance is required for hybrid generators?

As hybrid generators uses a lot less fuel than traditional diesel generators, its maintenance and refuelling intervals are extended by 3-4 times, significantly reducing operational costs, increasing plant lifespan and reducing safety issues related to workers on site.
The unit's maintenance includes checking fuel levels, cleaning solar panels, and inspecting battery health.
Professional servicing ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Can hybrid generators be integrated with solar panels?

Yes, hybrid systems can be configured to work in conjunction with solar panels (Fuelfix solar skids or solar trailer for example).
The integration allows seamless coordination between solar, battery storage, and backup generators.

How do hybrid generators contribute to energy resilience during extreme weather events?

Hybrid power systems provide backup power during storms, bushfires, or other emergencies.
Their ability to switch between energy sources ensures continuous operation.

What incentives or rebates are available for hybrid generators in Australia?

The Australian government offers incentives for renewable energy adoption, including hybrid systems.
Check with local authorities or energy providers for specific programs and rebates.