Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Join the movement towards decarbonisation with Fuelfix’ range of BESS.

Experience cleaner power for a Green Energy Future

Fuelfix offers a range of power generation and energy storage solutions tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Power your construction or mining site with minimal carbon footprint, zero noise and no on-site air pollution.
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BESS range
Industrial Energy Storage Systems

Energy transition to low-emissions infrastructures

Fuelfix BESS range is a full solution, providing cleaner power, quieter operation and less hassle than conventional diesel generators. The optimum energy solution to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of power under all conditions.

Our range of battery storage systems are suitable for small, medium and large applications and designed to be connected to multiple input sources such as solar, grid and traditional diesel generators. The battery storage system can be utilised to distribute power as required, reducing generator run times by more than 50%, saving costs in relation to fuel and maintenance and reducing emissions.

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Voltage Output Power Battery Type Battery Capacity Solar Input
mac-5 Single Phase Mobile AC Battery Storage ESU5
240v AC 5kVA continuous load at 25°C Lithium Iron Phosphate 8.3kWh 4kWp
mac-15 3-Phase Mobile AC Battery Storage ESU15
415v AC 15kVA continuous load at 25°C Lithium Iron Phosphate 30.72kWh 4 kWp
3-Phase Mobile AC Battery Storage ESU50
415v AC 50KW continuous load at 25°C Lithium Iron Phosphate 76.8kWh 50 kWp
Battery Power and Energy Storage System

How Fuelfix Go-Greener Energy Storage Solutions Deliver Savings

Fuelfix battery solutions deliver operational efficiencies and savings over traditional diesel generator power systems:

  • Reduce CO2
    Our range of BESS exert immediate, quiet power with a zero to low CO2 emissions.
  • Solar Ready
    Ideal when used in conjunction with solar solution, eliminating ever increasing fuel costs.
  • Low Noise Pollution
    Quieter operation, enabling workers to meet noise restriction requirements (for out-of-hours construction works and workers noise exposure).
  • Operational Efficiency
    Fuelfix BESS units deliver continuous power with minimum people and equipment interaction on site, reducing operational risks and downtime.
  • Versatile Solution
    When used with a generator, the BESS reduces the generator run time at its most efficient load (75%), delivering fuel savings and extending genset life.
  • Low Maintenance
    The lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery technology requires minimum maintenance. Save on both maintenance and refuelling costs with Fuelfix range of BESS.
icon speed Highly-efficient
icon eco friendly Low Emission
icon durable Low Maintenance
culture Versatile
icon transport ease Mobile

Fuelfix Battery Solutions for Fuel Pumping Applications

How the Fuelfix ESU15 delivered significant savings powering a 70,000L tank with an average daily dispensing volume of 21,000L of fuel.


Our customer was using a traditional 40 kVA Genset to power a 70,000L tank with daily dispensing volume 21,000L (15,000L @ 400lpm / 6,000L @ 80lpm.

Fuelfix recommended an alternative and greener option to power their hydrocarbon storage tank and deliver both operational efficiencies and reduce emissions.

icon hydro power


Fuelfix replaced the existing genset with a Go-Greener Solution, combining a Battery Energy Storage System (ESU15) and a 15 kVA Genset to power the pumping system.

The smaller generator size and the ability of the ESU15 to only use the generator when required ensure that fuel and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

icon speed


This solution delivered operational efficiencies and reduced carbon emissions:

Annual savings of approx. 23,000L of fuel,
Daily hours of operation reduced from 24hrs to 3hrs,
Number of 500hrs maintenance intervals reduced from 18 to 2 per annum.


Fuelfix BESS in Action

Solar-Powered refuelling solution for Dyno Nobel

Moranbah, QLD, Australia View Project

A long lasting-customer of Fuelfix & Tanks2Go, leader in the commercial explosive industry, approached us to conduct the 10 Year Inspections and upgrade of the Transtank T68 self-bunded tank used at their Moranbah QLD site.

During site assessment and development of the scope, it was identified that an exchange tank was required to keep the site operational during the inspection process.

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We capture data from your Fuel Management System to help improve site fuel efficiency and reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are battery energy storage systems (BESS)

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are using renewable energy to power business infrastructures and operations. Fuelfix BESS batteries come in different shapes and sizes, suit different applications and settings, and use lithium-based technology to do their job. They play an important role in green energy supplies and make renewable energy more reliable. Sometimes they are connected to the main power grid to supply unused or excess power for others.

Do lithium ion batteries need ventilation?

Lithium-ion batteries do not typically require ventilation. However, it’s important to note that while they may not need ventilation, they do have safety considerations. If installed incorrectly or not safely commissioned, they pose serious safety risks. Therefore, proper use, storage, and disposal of lithium-ion batteries are crucial. Contact Fuelfix for more information.

How Fuelfix BESS can help your business transition to a clean energy future

Fuelfix is committed to providing cutting-edge BESS solutions that help businesses power their operations with more sustainable energy sources. If you’re looking to decarbonise your business and achieve emissions reduction goals, we offer a range of products and services that can help.