Illuminating Success - A Greener Approach to Event Lighting
Delivering a low emission and efficient lighting solution for the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth.

Illuminating Success - A Greener Approach to Event Lighting

Delivering a low emission and efficient lighting solution for the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth.
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Project Overview

Black & White – Power & Light (B&W) has been a stalwart in the event management industry since 2009, specialising in providing reliable temporary power and site/safety lighting solutions for some of the most memorable metro and regional events in Western Australia. With a robust track record, they were contracted for the third consecutive year by the Ever Now Perth Festival to provide their services at the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth in October 2023.

Fuelfix was approached by B&W to supply a sustainable and efficient lighting solution for the duration of the event.


B&W role was to provide site, safety, and egress lighting solutions for the 4-night event. For an event like this, it’s important power and light is provided with minimal noise output as people enjoy the festivities, as well as keeping emissions to a minimum. B&W required mobile, efficient, quiet, easy-to-deploy, and low-emission lighting solutions. These solutions also had to align seamlessly with the creative requirements set by the event’s artistic designers.


B&W partnered with Fuelfix, who provided 16 hybrid mobile lighting tower units, strategically positioned throughout the event area in Kings Park. The HL270 hybrid lighting towers were specifically selected for their efficiency, quiet operation, and low environmental impact.

Fuelfix’s involvement extended beyond equipment provision. Our team of technicians conducted thorough inspections and testing over a two-day period to ensure optimal performance during the event. The meticulous approach taken by Fuelfix aimed not only to meet technical specifications but also to align with the artistic vision of the event organisers.

From pick-up to transportation and set-up, Fuelfix’s team ensured a seamless process, providing continuous support to B&W. Once operational, the lighting towers became a critical element in the event’s infrastructure, contributing to the safety and ambiance of the festival. The HL270 lighting towers, running mostly on battery, proved to be efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly.


Positioned strategically, these towers illuminated public spaces, including walkways and food and beverage servicing areas. What made these lighting towers exceptional was their ability to operate predominantly on battery power, minimising noise and pollution typically associated with traditional generators. This feature not only complemented the serene atmosphere of the event but also aligned with the overarching goal of creating a sustainable and eco-friendly festival experience.

During the 4-day festival, each hybrid lighting tower ran for 35 hours, using generators for only 4.5 hours on average. For the remaining 30.5 hours, the lights operated solely on battery power, resulting in substantial fuel cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

The success of the greener operation orchestrated by Black & White – Power & Light in collaboration with Fuelfix was not only measured in numbers but also in the positive feedback received. Desiree Boult, General Manager of B&W, expressed her satisfaction with the outcome and the collaborative effort, stating, “The lighting towers were amazing, and we loved them, so did our client, Perth Festival – Special Events. I saw so many people looking over your light towers, inspecting how they worked, and asking why they were so quiet! That was great for us, and my team enjoyed explaining the operating system with the patrons!”

Desiree’s praise extended beyond the equipment’s performance. In an industry where equipment rental is routine, the exceptional level of support provided by Fuelfix was a standout experience for B&W. This sentiment was encapsulated in Desiree’s gratitude, “The support we received from your team was on a new level! We hire equipment on a weekly basis and never before have we felt so supported in the process. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Fuelfix, it was so great to work with you all on this project!!”

Fuelfix Pathway to a clean energy future

This project is in line with our Two Pathways, One Goal Strategy which includes designing and delivering solutions that provide opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and maintain efficient operations with better environmental outcomes.

Beyond the immediate success of the event, the collaboration between B&W and Fuelfix had broader implications for sustainability. The decision to employ hybrid lighting towers was a conscious effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the event.

In an industry where operational efficiency, environmental consciousness, and client satisfaction are paramount, the partnership between Black & White – Power & Light and Fuelfix serves as a model for future endeavours. As events continue to evolve, the need for innovative and sustainable solutions becomes increasingly apparent. This case study showcases how collaboration and a commitment to greener practices can result in a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved.