Solar Lighting Tower 86,000lm

The Fuelfix 86,000 Lumens Solar Lighting Tower (SL86) is a cost-effective outdoor lighting solution ideal for mine sites, construction sites, tunnel and road works and outdoor events. The SL86 provides lighting for an area of 13,788 m2 with access area of lighting for 2,2422 m2 and general area lighting for 970m2.


Solar Lighting Tower SL86

  • Zero emissions and silent operation
  • Smart features for remote monitoring and control
  • Zero on-going maintenance and operational costs
  • Towable trailer with all-terrain tyres

Product Features

  • Ease of Transport: Towable trailer and all terrain tyres to facilitate safe and easy transport in the harshest of environments. Forklift pockets and tie down points
  • Smart Features: Programmable light timer and controls, optional 4/5G connectivity for remote operation and monitoring
  • Zero emissions: Works solely on solar power – no noise and air pollution
    Zero harmful exhaust fumes for health of workers
  • Durable: Robust chassis designed to mine specifications. Australian weatherproof (from 0 to 50°C). Harsh environment option available
  • Cost-effective: Solar powered – 29 hours run time at full load. Zero on-going maintenance and operational costs 86,000 Lumens
icon transport ease Ease of Transport
icon maintenance Smart Feature
icon eco friendly Zero Emissions
icon durable Durable
icon speed Highly-efficient
Product Specification
Height 3100 mm
Width 2170 mm
Length 4100 mm
Height 9200 mm
Width 4200 mm
Length 4100 mm
1900 kg
Lights 8 x 100W LED Modules
Light Bar Tilt 0 to 70°
Lumens Output 86,000
Coverage 13,788m² at 5 lux
Solar 1.62kWp
Solar Tilt 25°
Solar Efficiency Output 1hr of sun / 3.2 hrs of light
Battery 14.4kWh
Runtime 29 Hours
Trailer type Single Axle
Tyre and Rim Size 15’
Stabiliser Supports 4 x Manual
Drawbar A Frame
Tow Hitch Ball 50 mm
Mudguard / Wheel Chock Included
Lighting Coverage
OUR PROJECTS Projects With This Product

Turn on the Lights for DJ Fred Again Show in Perth

Langley Park, Perth, WA
B&W partnered again with Fuelfix to provide reliable temporary lighting solutions for the DJ Fred Again show in Perth. They required a sustainable and efficient lighting solution.

Fuelfix HL270 (hybrid) and SL86 (solar) units were specifically selected for their efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. They were strategically positioned throughout the event area for site, safety and egress lighting solutions.

Illuminating Fuelfix Depot for scheduled nightwork

Brendale, QLD
A large concrete work was performed at Fuelfix and Tanks2Go Brendale. The pour was undertaken at night and the concreting contractor required bright illumination over the work area.

We used our hybrid lighting towers HL270 and solar light tower SL86 to illuminate the area with the required light output, minimal noise disturbance and low fuel consumption.