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Tailored Fuel Storage Solutions: Addressing Challenges and Delivering Results

Fuelfix & Tanks2Go has been delivering a lot of successful projects in the areas of Fuel Storage Solutions and Fuel Management Solutions over the last decade. We have implemented multiple energy storage and management solutions across different industry sectors, tackling unique difficulties and offering creative solutions nationwide. Our case studies offer insightful information on the difficulties our clients have experienced and the innovative solutions we implemented to successfully deal with issues. Our experience has allowed us to deliver customised solutions that streamline fuel storage and management procedures, increase productivity, and guarantee compliance with safety standards, from massive construction sites to remote mining locations. 

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Each of our case studies cover a range of scenarios within the context of Fuel Storage Solutions, including clients with constrained storage capacity, problems with compliance, and the requirement for secure on-site storage. We emphasise our expertise to develop and implement tailored solutions that optimise available space, use modular fuel storage tanks, and integrate advanced monitoring systems to ensure safety and reduce the risk of leaks or spills.These examples highlights our initiatives where we were able to effectively improve operational effectiveness, expedite refuelling procedures, and offer precise fuel tracking capabilities. Our proficiency in implementing state-of-the-art fuel management systems enables clients to precisely distribute fuel expenses, monitor fuel consumption, and prevent theft or unauthorised access. We underline the results and benefits our clients have received through our case studies. These include improved operational efficiency, cost savings, reduced downtime associated with refuelling, and enhanced financial management through accurate fuel allocation. Fuelfix takes pride in its ability to comprehend the unique requirements of each client and provide solutions that go beyond expectation. Our case studies demonstrate our dedication to offering dependable, effective, and compliant fuel storage and management solutions to multiple industries. To fully understand how Fuelfix has overcome obstacles and produced outstanding outcomes in fuel storage and management projects, go through our individual case studies.

Our refuelling solutions include:

  • Fuel depots and unmanned refuelling points
  • Fuel storage to support back-up power generation facilities
  • And more

Whatever options you require, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go can tailor a bespoke solution to meet your business requirements. No matter the size of your operation, or the remoteness of your location, our team will walk you through the initial concept, design and installation of your refuelling infrastructure, guaranteeing a solution that works. ​ Once installed, our engineers can also take care of all of your fuel management systems, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle is well-supported.


Choose Fuelfix & Tanks2Go for reliable refuelling solutions

As an industry leader in refuelling solutions, we’re committed to providing long-term outcomes on our solutions. This means you can trust Fuelfix & Tanks2Go to provide an option that works for your business, whatever your requirements. ​ If you want to learn more about our options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists. You can call us on 1300 734 764 today to learn more.

Illuminating Success – A Greener Approach to Event Lighting

Delivering a low emission and efficient lighting solution for the Boorna Waanginny: The Trees Speak event in Perth.

Data Driven Decarbonisation Strategies for Sojitz Blue

Delivering operational efficiency and emissions reduction through comprehensive fuel data monitoring.

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel Storage Solution

Delivering an efficient Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) Fuel Storage Solution to an iron ore miner in the Pilbara.

Solar-Powered refuelling solution for a remote site in QLD

Delivering a reliable and greener Fuel Storage Solution for a remote site operated by a leading supplier of explosive and blasting services. Fuelfix introduced its innovative solar-powered refuelling solution.

Optimising fuel usage and reducing carbon emissions for an Oil & Gas company in the Pilbara

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go designed and delivered systems to provide a holistic view of fuel usage and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions for an Oil & Gas company in the Pilbara region.

Implementation of a new fuel management system for a university in Brisbane

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go designed and delivered a complete fuel management and storage solution for the Properties and Facilities Division of a Campus University in Brisbane. The solution included of a Fuelfix fuel management system that enables the client to measure, monitor, track, and control their fuel usage, whilst also reducing the environmental impact on site.

Jet Fuel Tank Hire & Fuel Management Solution for Broome Terminal

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go introduced a JET A-1 tank fuel management and storage solution for a large terminal operation management company. This resulted in a streamlined process, cost savings, and fewer emissions for a more responsible approach.

Superior Gold – Effective fuel management solution for the diesel equipment and fleet in the Goldfields

Designing and delivering a solution for better fuel inventory and asset management for Superior Gold.

Complete diesel and lubricant management solution for a Coal Mine

Designing and delivering a complete diesel fuel solution for Bluff Mine.

Clean Fuel & Improved Fuel Management for a Mine Site

Delivering an efficient and accurate way of managing diesel inventory to a coal mine company in Queensland.