Clean Fuel & Improved Fuel Management for a Mine Site


Fuelfix & Tanks2Go was approached by a coal mine to install the Fuelfix Fuel Management System on their site for a more efficient and accurate way of managing their diesel inventory. After an inspection of their operations, the team at Fuelfix further identified that the coal mine required a solution for the clean storage and dispensing of fuel.

The coal mine was introduced to Fuelfix & Tanks2Go through their fuel supplier.


Emerald, Queensland


Previously, the mine utilised a mostly outdated system for keeping track of their diesel usage. This process often resulted in administrative errors which required additional time and resources to rectify each month.

Additionally, their fleet of tanks were not adequately equipped to ensure that the diesel dispensed meet the cleanliness levels required by their equipment.


To help the coal mine reduce administrative errors while improving their accuracy, decision-making capabilities, and forecasting ability, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go introduced the Fuelfix FMS across the mine’s fleet of six tanks. This enabled them to accurately measure, track, monitor, and control their fuel usage remotely.

Doing so ensured that the site was always stocked with diesel and made reporting for diesel rebates much easier. The data from the Fuelfix FMS also enabled the mine to reliably report and reduce their carbon emission outputs.

Additionally, the live data allowed the mine to make decisions (e.g., when to conduct equipment maintenance) that were better informed, reliable, and efficient which greatly improved their operational and strategic effectiveness.

To ensure that the quality and cleanliness of the mine’s fuel inventory was ISO compliant, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go set up tank breathers to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the tanks and added a diesel filtration system to refine the diesel as it was being dispensed.

Fuelfix also conducted a clean of all six tanks and provided the coal mine with a plan to regularly test the quality of their fuel.


The fuel management solutions provided by Fuelfix & Tanks2Go were able to successfully assist the coal mine in achieving the best returns from their fuel inventory and assets while also improving the quality of their diesel.

When asked for feedback on the solutions provided, the mine responded positively, especially towards the Fuelfix FMS because of the added visibility of diesel usage and supply that it provided. The mine also stated that they quickly embraced the Fuelfix FMS and have since connected its data to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

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