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Do You Really Need Scheduled Servicing & Preventative Maintenance Program for Your Fuel Tanks?

Do you rely on a fuel tank to keep your business operational?  Do you want to extend the life span of your equipment?   Do you want to mitigate risks associated with unplanned breakdowns or worse damage to your fleet?  If you answered yes to any of the above, then this post is for you.  […]

FuelFix & Tanks2Go  | 3 months ago

Hiring vs. Buying Fuel Storage Solutions. What Should You Choose?

One of the most frequently asked questions by our customers while choosing the right fuel storage solution for their business is ‘Should I buy or hire the equipment?’ The right answer lies with you – and there are many factors to consider before you make the choice. Take a look at some of the benefits […]

FuelFix & Tanks2Go  | 1 year ago

Buy a Self-Bunded Tank like a Pro with these 5 Top Tips

share this article Self-Bunded tanks are the preferred option for onsite refuelling for many companies. They are secure, can withstand the harsh weather of remote Australia and are environmentally safe. But today the market is packed with an array of choices, which only adds to the complexity of finding the right fuel tank solution for your business. […]

FuelFix & Tanks2Go  | 2 years ago

Why Investing In Fuel Storage Tanks During Cyclone Season Is Recommended

share this article With Australia consuming 29 billion litres of diesel annually, the demand for fuel is only increasing. But what happens when your supply is cut off? For hospitals in remote areas and businesses involving quarries, mines and rural construction, it’s imperative to have a contingency plan for fuel during times of uncertainty.  If […]

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4 Ways to Build a Safety Culture in Your Organisation

share this article At Fuelfix & Tanks2Go, safety is one of the primary values we adhere to. In order to build a safety culture within your organisation, harnessing these four crucial strategies can help you establish a commitment to health, safety security and the environment.  1. Learn Safe Your values should always begin with the […]

FuelFix & Tanks2Go  | 2 years ago

7 Tips to Maximise Equipment Uptime

share this article Every year, unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion(1). For every hour your equipment isn’t operating, your business loses approximately $260,000(2). This puts companies under immense pressure to maintain top-quartile operational performance. Not only does maximising equipment uptime keep the operating costs down, but it also helps companies to stay […]

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Fuelfix & Tanks2Go and the Clontarf Foundation

From little things, big things grow…. Fuelfix and Tanks2Go is a proud partner with the Clontarf Foundation.