Frequently Asked Questions

Nobody knows all the answers, but if you’re looking for something specific, take a look at the below.

What is your environmental sustainability plan for the future?

Fuelfix Go-Greener is an innovative solution to reduce the impact of diesel fuel use on the environment and limit operating costs. The path towards energy transition is lenghty and full of challenges and Fuelfix is here to support its customers on this journey towards a
low carbon future.

With our Go-Greener range we offer products and options to help our customers reducing their greenhouse emissions and making better choices to commit to environmental sustainability standards.

What are the benefits of on-site refuelling?

Saves Money
 Having on-site fuel storage can save you money, especially when it’s teamed with an effective fuel management system. Fuel card companies will usually charge a management fee, even if it seems small initially, it can become a significant cost as your volume through put increases. Saves Time
 Saves travelling time to off-site locations in order to fill up. Refuelling detours can largely be Avoided thereby increase the efficiency of your fleet and reducing down time. Realtime Monitoring & Reporting
 Examine the performance of your fleet’s vehicles and drivers
 Understand your cost per km Discover which vehicles are performing on, above or below the expected OEM consumption target
 access the means to monitor and make improvements to your fuel consumption and fleet Predict future maintenance costs and service intervals.

Do you deliver to all Australia post codes?

Yes, we do. Fuelfix & Tanks2Go has strategically located branches all across Australia that can access your site, not matter how remote.

Do you design large scale tank farms?

Our skilled projects team can engineer and design any size farm needed. Please take a look at this case study or contact one of our branches for more information.

What happens if I want to return my hire early?

Unless there has been an agreed term for a customised hire there is no penalty for early return of equipment. We understand that jobs sometimes finish early or do not proceed at all.

Do you have emergency showers and spill containment products in your hire fleet?

Yes. We carry solar powered Emergency Shower and Eyewash Stations and Spill Grates in our fleet. Please look at the information on these items in our hire fleet section.

Can you offer a service schedule for my equipment?

Yes. We offer a service schedule appropriate to your site. Please give us a call and we can help you.

Can you help me fix my equipment onsite?

We carry out repairs nationally. Our staff and fleet are set up to help you either onsite or alternatively, you can bring your equipment to our yard.

Do you offer meter calibrations?

Our service staff are trained and certified to carry out calibrations, including NMI certification. When complete we will forward you a certificate of calibration for your records.

Can you help me move my equipment to a new site?

Yes. We are experienced in equipment relocation. Our staff can either assist or manage the whole job for you, including any electrical requirements.

Can you visit site to help us?

We have several depots across WA, NSW and QLD. Please give us a call as there is a good chance we know the site & we can arrange a visit to see how we can help you.

During a hire can I change of the size of the tank?

Yes – we can easily change tank sizes up or down.

What if I want a system that is not shown on the website?

Please talk to us, we have an engineering team specifically for customised solutions.

Can you arrange a DG Licence for my site?

Yes we can, using a third party consultant.

Are you able to provide guidance and specifications on tank footings?

Yes, our Projects team can assist you.

Can you provide advice on installing your hire tanks?

Yes, we have an installation guide to assist you.