Fuel Tanks Repair and Maintenance

Maximise equipment uptime with our strategically located repair and maintenance team—no matter how remote your site, we can get there when you need us.

Keep An Uninterrupted Fuel Supply

Our skilled team can schedule fuel system repairs, fuel maintenance programs, pressure testing, calibrations and upgrades to ensure your business has an uninterrupted fuel supply and always runs efficiently
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Our Approach

Integrated Fuel Repair and Maintenance Approach

We believe an integrated approach of regular inspections and prompt attention to necessary repairs reduces cost, eliminates downtime, enhances safety and protects the environment.

That’s why, once we’ve installed your fuel tanks and fuel management systems, we can also keep them in top condition. We’ll design a preventative maintenance program to keep your system operating both efficiently and within legislative requirements. If any repairs are required, our team are strategically located around Australia ready to respond rapidly and keep your fuel supply as uninterrupted as possible.

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Schedule Repairs and Maintenance

Book With Our Specialist Team

Whether you’re maintaining a mine, overseeing a construction project, or managing a large transport operation, it’s important you have a team of specialists ready to repair and maintain your fuel tanks.

You can schedule any of the following repairs and maintenance with our skilled specialists across Australia:

  • Fuel system repairs
  • Fuel tank repairs and non-scheduled maintenance
  • Fuel maintenance programs
  • Pressure testing, de-gassing and gas testing
  • Calibrations and upgrades
  • Internal and external repairs to fuel tank shells
  • Statutory compliance checks
  • Systems and communications repair and upgrades
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Fuelfix 10-Yearly Tank Inspection Program

Don’t let your fuel tanks fall into disrepair or fall out of safety regulations—The 10-Yearly Tank Inspection Program developed by Fuelfix complies with the requirements of AS1940:2017.

With over two decades of technical and practical knowledge, you can rest assured your equipment is in good hands.

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10-Yearly Tank Inspection services and performance upgrades

Why choose Fuelfix

Our extensive knowledge of tanks from all manufacturers and the applicable Australian and international standards ensures your inspection is performed in a  professional and thorough manner. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure your site remains safe and complies with AS1940:2017 through conducting the following:

  • Drain and clean the tank to remove 100% of built-up sediment, dirt, coal dust, sludge etc.
  • Testing of interstitial space.
  • Internal and external weld inspection and NATA-accredited steel thickness testing.
  • Vacuum test of anti-siphon valve to ensure compliance with AS1940_5.9.2(j). Thermal relief capability of the valve is also tested to ensure compliance with AS1940_6.2.1(g) and 9.15(b). The valve is then overhauled or replaced as required.
  • Undertaking any bespoke requirements such as tank painting, new pumping arrangements, filtration systems and electrical upgrades.
  • Inspection and testing of critical valves and overfill warning alarm.
Scheduled Servicing & Maintenance Program

A Proactive Approach for Safe and Reliable Operations

Experience the peace of mind that comes with regularly scheduled, reliable maintenance by one of Australia’s largest networks of qualified technicians. At Fuelfix & Tanks2Go we work with you to ensure your hired equipment is functioning properly and at its optimal performance level.

7 Tips to Maximise Equipment Uptime

What's Included in our Scheduled Servicing and Maintenance Program?

Our Scheduled Servicing & Maintenance Program provides thorough 3 or 6 monthly inspections that not only identify and repair issues with your hired equipment but help prevent future problems from occurring.

Physical check of your tanks for moisture. “Free-Water” will be removed from the tank as required (site to provide facility for storage of contaminated water removed from the tank).

Check, confirm & adjust as required the calibration of Flow Meters, Fuel Management and Tank Gauging Systems to ensure every drop is accounted for – the benefit and cost saving of a properly calibrated system can easily exceed the cost of the Service and Maintenance Program that ensures the systems accuracy.

Check all connections, hoses and instruments for leaks and signs of wear – don’t wait for a spill or failed component – a proactive approach reduces equipment downtime and drives efficiency and cost savings over time.

Audit of the site to assist you in maintaining a safe and compliant operational facility installed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

We also identify and implement programs to improve operator safety, fuel cleanliness, operations efficiency and reduce your fleet servicing costs with additional services:

  • Filtration upgrades
  • Tank breathing and evaporation loss reduction
  • Fuel management & monitoring
  • Fire extinguisher exchange service
  • Spill kit restocking service
  • Fuel sampling
  • System performance upgrades
  • Water separation and treatment
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