Delivering an innovative fuel management solution.
Delivering an effective and efficient fuel management solution to Australia’s largest refrigerated transport operator.

Automated Fuel Tracking Solution

Delivering an effective and efficient fuel management solution to Australia’s largest refrigerated transport operator.
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Project Overview

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go was approached to collaborate with one of Australia’s leading refrigerated transport providers to design an innovative fuel management solution.

The solution would need to function seamlessly across multiple sites plus track the fuel deliveries into thousands of trucks, trailers and light vehicles.


The key to the success of this project was the ability of the solution to improve the experience of the driver refuelling the vehicle whilst providing accurate and meaningful fuel usage data to the organisation’s management team.

The challenge was heightened by the remote depot locations and harsh environment the solution is required to operate in. Heat, dust, vibration and severe weather events all needed to be accounted for.

In summary, the brief for Fuelfix and Tanks2Go was to implement a fuel management system that surpassed the current industry standards in functionality, durability, security and accuracy in some of Australia’s toughest transport environments.


The Automated Fuel Tracking Solution is a combination of hardware and software that delivers the old standard in complete fuel management.
RFID integrated nozzles and ID tags pair with simple to use software reporting tools for automated and accurate data capture.

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go have pioneered the use of fully automated fuel nozzles and vehicle tags that are integrated with RFID technology.

By integrating the RFID reader into the nozzle, the customer receives unparalleled tracking power.
Refuelling is only able to proceed when the nozzle is inserted into an authenticated and tagged asset, automatically engaging the tracking system. This reduces theft and ensures customers know exactly which asset was refuelled, every time. With the nozzle tag housed in a tough weatherproof casing and a battery that has a minimum life of 12 months reliability is assured. The modular design ensures installation and maintenance is quick and easy.

Armed with easily customisable reporting tools the data collected can be used to forecast fuel demand, accurately claim tax rebates across multiple vehicles categories, reconcile fuel deliveries and provide insights in route optimisation.


The complete integrated system designed by Fuelfix and Tanks2Go utilising the RFID integration provides a simple, accurate and durable fuel management solution. Most importantly the solution is proven in the field, delivering outstanding outcomes for Australia’s largest refrigerated transport operator.

The introduction of RFID integrated nozzles to our suite of Fuel Management System (FMS) represents another step in Fuelfix's total commitment to providing innovative solutions that make every drop of diesel count.

If you would like to know more on how we can upgrade your fuel storage solution with a fuel management system get in touch with our friendly team.

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