Fuelfix Warranty Terms

Fuelfix shall provide to the Customer a warranty for all Goods against defects in materials and workmanship for a one-year period (the Warranty Period) commencing on the sale date to the Customer (the Warranty Commencement Date) of the relevant Goods.1.1 Where the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provides greater than a one-year warranty period, then OEM Warranty Terms shall apply.


The Product Warranty only applies to the Customer who originally purchased the Goods. It is personal and may not be assigned or transferred without the prior written consent of Fuelfix.


Subject to Clause 2, Fuelfix (at its option) will replace or repair for the Customer, free of charge, any part or parts, found upon examination by Fuelfix, to be eligible for this Product Warranty. If any Goods or part is replaced or repaired under this Product Warranty, that Goods or part will carry the remainder of the Product Warranty from the Warranty Commencement Date.


The Product Warranty is in addition to any consumer guarantees existing available to the Customer at law and the Product Warranty does not exclude such consumer guarantees.


All enquiries regarding the Product Warranty may be directed to Fuelfix on 1300 734 764.


Warranty Claim Procedure

In order to make a claim under the Product Warranty, the Customer must complete the FF-SC-FM-082 FUELFIX WARRANTY APPLICATION form as soon as the Customer becomes aware of the alleged defect during the Warranty Period, specifying in reasonable detail the nature of the defect. Such notice may be made by any one or more of the following methods:

By Phone or Email to Fuelfix Salesperson (who sold the equipment)
By Phone to 1300 734 764
By Post addressed to:
Warranty Claim
Fuelfix Pty Ltd
5 Excellence Drive, Wangara, Western Australia 6065


Upon Fuelfix verifying the validity and currency of the Product Warranty in respect of the Customer’s claim, Fuelfix (at its discretion) will advise the Customer where the Warranty Claim assessment will be completed.
Fuelfix may request a Customer Purchase Order prior to commencing assessment.


Where assessment and repairs are not completed at a Customer location, then the Customer must ensure that the Goods are properly packaged so as to ensure that no damage occurs to the Goods during transit. The Customer is responsible for all posting, shipping, freight and insurance charges in respect of the Goods returned to Fuelfix. Whilst in transit, the Goods remains at the Customer’s risk.


Where assessment and repairs are completed at Customer location Fuelfix may, in its absolute discretion:

Travel to Customer’s location to assess Warranty Claim, and complete repairs.

Review assessment completed by Customer and/or Third Party.

Upon receiving the Customer’s and/or Third Party written quote, the Customer acknowledges that Fuelfix shall have sole discretion as to whether Fuelfix engages its own contractors to undertake the required repairs, or if the Customer may undertake such repairs.

Reimburse the Customer for the Customer’s cost to undertake such repairs to the Goods, provided that the Customer has first provided to Fuelfix a written quote as to the estimated costs of the Customer undertaking such repair, and Fuelfix has approved (in writing) the Customer to proceed with such repairs up to that agreed
estimated cost.


The Customer agrees that Fuelfix shall have no obligation or liability to reimburse the Customer for the costs of any repairs undertaken by the Customer that have not been agreed in writing with Fuelfix beforehand.


The Customer is responsible for all packaging, posting, shipping, freight and insurance charges in respect of any Goods returned by Fuelfix to the Customer. The Customer agrees to pay such charges upon the same payment terms as apply to Fuelfix’s sales of Goods current at the time of the Product Warranty claim. Whilst in transit, the Goods remains at the Customer’s risk.