Hire High-Quality Self Bunded Fuel Tanks and Equipment for Seamless Fuel Management

Fuel infrastructure is a critical investment for a range of industries across Australia. As a leading provider of fuel storage solutions, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go understands the importance of reliable and efficient fuel storage and management for businesses. The initial financial investment necessary to buy fuel tanks and equipment might be overwhelming and Fuelfix & Tanks2Go provide a true hire solution. We offer a comprehensive solution that enables our customers to acquire the necessary equipment without making a large upfront commitment.

You can hire self bunded fuel storage and management equipment from us for as long as you need them, without being tied down by long-term contracts or capital expenditure. Using this approach not only alleviates financial stress, but also offers a monthly operating cost alternative, making it easier for businesses to manage their spending properly. Our hiring solution is tailored to the distinct requirements of businesses across Australia, providing a convenient and cost-effective option to get high-quality fuel tanks and equipment.

Our broad hire fleet includes over 1,500 fuel storage and management assets, allowing us to meet the demands of businesses across the country. We have self bunded fuel tanks, mobile fuel trailers, spill containment grates, spill kits, emergency shower and eyewash stations, filtration systems, fuel management systems, desiccant vents, and solar alternatives. Our wide range of equipment is compliant with Australian industry standards and provides maximum operational fuel efficiency without risk to reliability.

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Why Choose Our Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks?

When it comes to diesel fuel storage, our self-bunded diesel fuel tanks are the clear winner. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest industry standards and meet all specifications ensuring optimal operational performance, maximum equipment uptime and minimal risks to the business continuity. We prioritise quality at Fuelfix & Tanks2Go and partner with some of the most reputable suppliers in the hydrocarbon and fuel industry. We ensure that our customers receive top-of-the-line fuel tanks, trailers, and accessories by investing in our fleet and upgrading our equipment. We continue to innovate and expand our range of products to meet our customers’ needs.

Choosing our self-bunded diesel fuel tanks has various advantages for your business:

  • No upfront capital outlay: By opting for our hire service, you may avoid the requirement for a significant upfront investment. Instead, you may redirect your resources to other crucial areas of your business.
  • Greater operations flexibility: Our hire solution enables you to modify your equipment requirements based on your company’s changing requirements. You may return, upgrade, or downgrade your fuel tanks and equipment whenever you choose.
  • Cost savings: Renting equipment prevents the costs of obsolescence, depreciation, and storage. You can optimise your budget and manage resources more efficiently with our hiring service.
  • Technical support and expertise: Our team of professionals has undergone extensive training in the safe deployment and installation of fuel tanks and equipment. We offer continuing technical assistance to guarantee that your operation works smoothly and securely.
  • Compliance and safety: We comply to all current HSSE regulations and severe mining site requirements. You can be certain that you are meeting legal requirements and prioritising the safety of your personnel when you use our self-bunded diesel fuel tanks.
  • Nationwide footprint: With our broad network and hire fleet stock, we can quickly supply fuel tanks and equipment to businesses across Australia.
  • Emergency breakdown support: We understand that downtime is expensive. As a result, we provide emergency breakdown assistance for the duration of your rental time. We are dedicated to keeping your company functioning smoothly regardless of the conditions.

Learn More About Our Fuel Tanks & Other Products

Whether your business is in the middle of the bush, along the coast, or anywhere within Australia, our self-bunded diesel fuel tanks and fuel trailers for rent are the appropriate option for your fuel storage and management needs. We offer scalable choices to our clients, ensuring we can satisfy the needs from small construction projects to major transportation operations.

To find out more about our products for hire, please call us on 1300 734 764.

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Showing 1–12 of 28 results