1,000L Self Bunded Fuel Tank

A compact, transportable, double-walled diesel fuel tank that can quickly and easily supply fuel where you need it, when you need it.

1,000L Self Bunded Fuel Tank

  • Fully customisable to suit customer's requirements including solar powered options.
  • Easy to transport and to relocate on site.
  • Low profile design allowing ease of access to vehicle refuelling sets-up and ease of fuel transfer when connected to generators or pumps.
  • Self-bunded fuel tank with lockable cabinet.

Product Features

  • Movable: Full load lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles are designed to allow safe and easy handling of the tank full of fuel.
  • Stackable: Easily stackable design supports 2 high when full and 3 high when empty, reducing storage space requirements.
  • Efficient: Lockable hatch secures equipment. Fuel ports can run up to 3 pieces of equipment.
  • Environment-Friendly: Secondary containment is compliant with AS1940 (2017). The tank design is compliant with UL142.
icon transport ease Movable
icon repair Accessible
icon speed Efficient
icon eco friendly Environment Friendly
Product Specification
Height 1,325mm
Width 1,151mm
Length 1,151mm
Empty 509 kg
Full 1,487 kg
3” fill point
6 x 25NB suction/return speared lines
32NB suction line speared
Roll over vent
Breather pipe
Complete transfer pump kits
Water and particulate filter kits
Fuel hose and quick couplers