1200 Litre Solar-Powered
Fuel Trailer

Adding a solar panel and 12V pump to our 1,200L fuel trailer takes this popular workhorse of the Fuelfix range to another level. The solar powered fuel trailers provide a cleaner, safe and reliable mobile refuelling solution.

1200 fuel trailer

1200 Litre Solar-Powered Fuel Trailer

  • Robust and reliable proven performer fuel trailer within the mining and construction industry for over a decade
  • 1,200L storage capacity keeping the overall weight within a suitable towing range for most 4WD vehicles
  • Mine spec - Fully licensed and registered fuel trailers throughout Australia
  • Stringent safety requirements of many work sites are met by the built-in safety features
  • Solar powered solution - emission-free, low noise, self-priming, and
    low maintenance

Product Features

  • Movable: Fully self bunded mobile fuel tank constructed to Australian Standards
  • Ease of Use: - Fully solar operated pump with deep cycle battery with a reserve capacity of 170 minutes.
  • Safe: The dual axle construction makes the fuel trailer well balanced and easy to tow, even when fully loaded. It has an excellent ground clearance yet retains a low centre of gravity. All required signage, LED taillights are installed. Reflective tape can be installed on request.
  • Environment-friendly: The bunded front containment area under the pump housing further reduces any risk of accidental spillage seeping into the ground.
innovation Ease of Use
icon speed Efficient
icon durable Safe
icon eco friendly Environment Friendly
Product Specification
Height 1,951mm
Width 1,944mm
Length 4,793mm
Empty 1,000kg
Full 2,000kg
Top-mounted 120W solar panel
Heavy duty tyres on standard 16” rims with spare tyre
Fluid level dipstick
Automatic flashing refuelling light
LED charge indicators
Emergency stop button with battery isolation switch
10m x 25mm diameter retractable hose reel with auto shut-off nozzle
Disc brakes with manual handbrake
Jockey wheel with swivel retraction for optimum ground clearance
50mm tow hitch
2 safety chains with load-rated shackles
2” dip point with camlock
3” fill point with camlock
Standard round 7-pin trailer plug
9 kg dry powder fire extinguisher
Statutory signage
40L spill kit
Wheel chocks