Emergency Shower & Eye Wash Station

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Fuelfix & Tanks2Go Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Station facilities are provided in a portable combination unit which is totally self-contained. With the ability to be located on-site, close to any potentially hazardous location the Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Station allows for immediate rinsing or wash down of eyes, face or body. Acknowledged as significant step for risk mitigation and successful treatment post spill, these units are a must for any larger scale hydrocarbon facility.


Dimensions H 2,720mm W 1,200mm L 2,800mm
Weight (Empty) 2,200kg
  • Constructed to AS4775-2007 with as approved 304 stainless steel
  • Approximate dry weight: 2,200kg
  • Pull-down operated shower for instant and powerful water wash-down
  • Push operated eye wash with constant flushing action
  • Equipped with a 12volt deep cycle battery and solar panel for standalone operation
  • HDPE poly water storage tank with 1,500L capacity
  • Minimum of 15-minute run time
  • Water-level indicator mounted on front wall of unit
  • Non-slip hard wearing rubberised epoxy flooring system in vivid safety yellow
  • Fully weather-proof/sealed and lockable pump room
  • Fully galvanised base and frame with forklift inserts for ease of loading/unloading
  • A comprehensive first aid kit

Optional Extras

  • Comprehensive 120L spill control kit
  • 9 kg ABE powder fire extinguisher and 1.8m x 1.8m fire blanket
  • Cyclone-rated Engineer certified tie-down blocks