Spill Grates

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In response to customers who needed more site protection from accidental spillage and safer hard standing in high traffic areas directly in front of refuelling bays, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go heavy duty Spill Grates were introduced and have proved very popular.

Spill Grates provide significant environmental and health and safety benefits. By creating a secondary line of containment for spills the environmental impact of hydrocarbon incidents can be mitigated. Further the modular units are easy to stack, transport and install as well as being easily customised to any site requirement.

Spill Grates can also be adapted to provide bunding for IBC containers, single skin tanks, pump modules and filtration banks. Endlessly customisable, Spill Grates form the basis of any environmentally conscious hydrocarbon site.


Capacity N/A
Dimensions H 290mm W 2,000mm L 3,000mm
Weight (Empty) 1,500kg
  • Product build – galvanised
  • Stackable for easy transport
  • Interconnection boots – on newer models
  • Drain points – on newer models
  • Lifting points – eyelet on each corner
  • Removable grating – 3 piece all models
  • Safe holding capacity of 1,200lt contaminated liquid
  • Rated to 250 tonne – engineer approved