Optimising fuel usage and reducing carbon emissions for an Oil & Gas company in the Pilbara


A major player in the oil and gas industry approached Fuelfix & Tanks2Go to design and implement an upgrade to the fuel management solution at their Karratha site. To assist the client, a site visit and scoping meeting was organized to determine the optimal solution.


Karratha, Western Australia

self bunded fuel tank used as part of an optimal fuel management solution being fitted with the pump kit


The overarching challenge was to clearly identify the customer’s needs and then design, build and install a significantly better fuel facility than the existing one which was very old and had slow refuelling flow rates to vehicles. The client needed to have their nominated Fuel Management System integrated into the new facility, a challenge that required a tailored design by Fuelfix & Tanks2Go and effective communication with the FMS supplier to manage the lead time and ensure the final set-up would adequately meet the needs of the customer and their end users.

Minimising downtime was also critical on site when it came to shutting down the old facility and cutting across to the new one. Seamless operations and zero impact on fuel supply were paramount.

Maintaining a focus on the key outcomes was important so that the final product delivered on the aspects that were important and did so in a cost effective manner.


Initial Brief

In short, the initial request for Fuelfix & Tanks2Go was to provide the following:

  • A replacement self-bunded tank of same capacity (55,000L) with Heavy Vehicle and Light Vehicle refuelling and an FMS with tank gauging functionality.
  • Sufficient documentation and testing so that the solution complied with the client’s and government regulations relating to hydrocarbon handling and storage.
  • An emphasis on reducing downtime whilst ensuring safety first.
  • Adaptability to scope clarifications and changes and clear communication between all project stakeholders including the nominated FMS supplier.


Fuelfix & Tanks2Go proposed and obtained approval to supply a larger capacity tank (70,000L) and engineered and implemented a complete diesel storage solution complete with an FMS that enhanced the ability for the client to more accurately track and measure their fuel usage.

Furthermore, client requested additions to the solution such as floodlights and other electrical modifications were implemented to enhance operational safety.

We were able to quickly deliver the project within the expected timeline as the solution provided by Fuelfix was based on a standard system that is popular with other clients, resulting in time saved. A turnkey solution was implemented which allowed for the streamlining of system delivery and set up, resulting in the client being able to reduce operation downtime and save money. The ongoing communications with all client stakeholders over the course of the build and, including weekly progress meetings on Teams, and the great customer service from all members of the Fuelfix team ensured a smooth handover.




This project is in line with our Two Pathways, One Goal Strategy which includes designing and delivering systems that provide a holistic view of fuel usage and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. This way our clients get full visibility of their hydrocarbon use and are able to accurately track every drop of fuel. This leads to reduced fuel wastage, efficient operations, and better environmental outcomes.

By implementing this solution, the client’s fleet was able to access fuel needed for operations in a safe and succinct manner, which reduces environmental, personal and operating risks relating to refuelling. The client was also particularly pleased with Fuelfix’s expertise in the scope clarification and design stages of the project, with specific compliments about the professionalism of our team and their commitment to ensure that the client ended up with a great solution.

When asked for feedback on the solutions provided, the client praised the adaptability of the Fuelfix team and their flexibility to integrate agreed scope changes along the way, which ultimately ended up delivering a fuel facility with enhanced safety features.

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go sustainable business strategy

Ultimately, accurate data and clear visibility on fuel usage resulted in an increase in the efficiency of the site, saving diesel by reducing fuel wastage, and the overall saving of fuel costs. The data from the Fuel Management System also enabled the site to reliably report and reduce their carbon emission outputs.

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