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Have You Prepared Your Contingency Fuel?

Coronavirus has presented Australia and the rest of the world with a unique set of circumstances. As we all continue to adjust to this new normal for the unforeseeable future, Fuelfix is committed to providing comprehensive fuel solutions to industries across Australia.

As the price of fuel remains low, stocking up now could set your business up for success in the future. It could also ensure that should the incredibly volatile market take a turn, your business won’t be scrambling to find alternative fuel sources to keep your operation up and running.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Fuelfix intends to provide a variety of industries with flexible and innovative fuel management products and projects, repairs and maintenance. 

Offering nationwide fleet coverage and support

As Australia’s largest provider of storage tanks no matter how remote your location may be, Fuelfix can deliver fuel storage tanks and additional refuelling solutions to anywhere nationwide. From Perth to Melbourne, on-site refueling  and back up stalls in regional areas not only save your business time and money, but also ensure real time and accurate monitoring and reporting. Having a contingency plan that includes this model can make a real difference in the success of your operation when the pandemic ends.

During these uncertain times, businesses are discovering ways to be more efficient and cost-effective in an attempt to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies, from mining to transportation, often accept fuel misuse, loss or incorrect reporting as an expected cost of business. 

However with the right fuel management systems in place, the profitability of your business and the safety of your staff is much easier to maintain. It can also help your business manage a certain level of net income during a time when many businesses are struggling to stay open.

Years of experience working in a variety of industries

Fuelfix has experience providing fuel storage, management and repairs and maintenance for a variety of industries. For hospitals, especially during a pandemic which has led to an increase in emergency response calls and patient volume, having enough fuel and a contingency plan is crucial to ensure the proper level of care can be provided to the sick.

Utilising practices that minimise health and safety impacts, Fuelfix works with essential workers across Australia, including police officers, emergency responders and construction workers, to establish a fuel infrastructure that can carry and navigate them through the ever changing circumstances COVID-19 has presented.  

Ensuring continuity of supply for all customers

Fuelfix has a long standing reputation as a market leader in fuel management. Practising excellent supply chain management, Fuelfix has developed strong, long term relationships with various suppliers. This security ensures the continuity of fuel supply for all customers. 

With real time, accurate reporting methods, enhanced security and other efficient features, Fuelfix can give you peace of mind during the pandemic, ensuring that despite new restrictions, your operation can still run smoothly and efficiently.  

By delivering smart and sustainable fuel solutions, we will get through these uncertain times together. For more information on how Fuelfix can help your business build a fuel contingency plan to keep your operation running successfully during COVID-19, give our office a call today at 1300 734 764.

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