Complete diesel and lubricant management solution for a Coal Mine
Designing and delivering a complete diesel fuel solution for Bluff Mine.

Complete diesel and lubricant management solution for a Coal Mine

Designing and delivering a complete diesel fuel solution for Bluff Mine.

Project Overview

Fuelfix & Tanks2Go was approached by a mining company to design an innovative and complete lubricant and fuel management solution for a remote coal mine site, Bluff mine. A site visit was arranged to help set a scope for the fuel management solutions required.


The key challenge was to design and build a complete solution, including hire, equipment sales and service staff to help the mining company team on site. The remote location of the coal mine increased the challenge as the lack of availability of supplies could have been an issue if the scope of work was not precisely accurate.

The challenges of a remote location further break down into determining the correct fuel consumption level, increasing fuel availability, and addressing fuel waste whilst balancing fuel leaks and fuel utilisation.

In summary, the brief for Fuelfix & Tanks2Go was to assist the client in setting up a new mining site:

  • provide a precise and accurate scope of work to avoid material shortage on a remote location
  • design and build an efficient refuelling solution with a high flow rate that is compliant with the Australian Standards and the site requirements
  • accurately record stock usage and control stock levels of fuel

Fuelfix and Tanks2Go designed and delivered a complete diesel and lubricant solution with equipment for hire, equipment purchase, technical support, service, and commissioning of the client existing fleet.

To help with the refuelling of service trucks, we provided an 800 litre per minute dispensing solution for hire and designed a manifold solution to connect the master hire tank to their existing follower tanks on site.

For lubricants on site, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go offered services to connect their existing tanks to the workshop. Our experienced fitters and electricians completed this work on site.

To help with fuel accountability, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go introduced a complete fuel management solution for the service trucks, diesel tanks and the lubricants on site. The installation of the fuel management system allowed the client to track diesel usage, bill contractors onsite and keep the right level of diesel and lubricants on site.


Effective fuel management for the diesel equipment and fleet is essential on this mining site to reduce fuel wastage, risks of environmental damages and to achieve the best returns from the fuel inventory and assets.

The refuelling solution designed by Fuelfix & Tanks2Go provided outstanding results for the client and helped the client manage their fuel inventory efficiently to reap the maximum benefit from their fuel investment.

The combination of the technological solutions and team expertise enabled the mining company to accurately measure, track, monitor and control their fuel usage from any remote location.

Moreover, the client was also able to navigate the recent global surge in fuel prices in a smoother manner.

The efficiency of the Fuelfix teams and technicians on site was particularly praised by the client especially within their precision in scoping the project and technical support on site.