Operating across the hydrocarbon channel in Self bunded tanks and equipment Hire, Repairs & Maintenance, Engineering, facility Management and Tank Sales; Fuelfix & Tanks2Go is the premiere company in Australia for providing end to end solutions to meet all your fuel, lubricant and waste product handling requirements.


Repairs & Maintenance

Across Australia, our skilled team will schedule fuel system repairs, fuel repair and maintenance programs, pressure testing, calibrations and upgrades to ensure your business has uninterrupted fuel supply and always runs efficiently. Our team is strategically located so we can provide rapid response service onsite, no matter how remote, to ensure ongoing operational integrity and maximum availability.

An integrated approach of regular inspections and prompt attention to necessary repairs reduces cost, eliminates downtime, enhances safety and protects the environment. Our team evaluates your fuel usage data and uses that information to design a unique system, tailored to your purpose, environment and budgets.

Fuelfix & Tanks2Go can install your fuel management systems and keep them in top condition. We’ll schedule and conduct your preventative maintenance program to keep your systems operating both efficiently and within all legislative requirements.

Due to our extensive knowledge in managing maximum performance from our own fleet, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go can assist your business to maximise the true life of your fuel infrastructure and the return on your investment.


Fuel Projects

Designing and installing the best on-site fuel storage solutions is a Fuelfix & Tanks2Go specialty. These projects are handled by the Fuelfix & Tanks2Go Projects team where systems are engineered to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Our experienced project management and engineering team can walk you through initial concept, design and installation of infrastructure ensuring the benefits for your operations. No matter the size or remoteness of the job, our team will tailor a bespoke system for your needs and manage every step of the process according to your targets, time constraints and budget to deliver a world-class fuel management system. Our Fuel Projects include:

  • Fuel tank farms for remote mine sites
  • Design and construction of fuel and lubricant storage facilities on new and existing sites
  • Fuel depots and unmanned refueling points
  • Installation of fuel storage to support back-up power generation facilities
  • Pipework and associated infrastructure for onsite generators

We understand that fuel infrastructure can be a significant investment for a business. Fuelfix & Tanks2Go is committed to delivering excellent long-term outcomes on that investment. Once installed, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go can take care of your preventative maintenance and even manage the facility for you to ensure your infrastructure gives you the long term operational efficiency and return on investment you require to grow.


Facility Management

We provide skilled personnel to manage and maintain the operation of your fuel assets. Your designated facility manager will play a vital role in the realisation of your business objectives. Fuelfix & Tanks2Go can manage all your onsite fuel storage and handling needs, providing security, environmental protection, and advice on making your facility more efficient.

Whether a terminal or depot, mine site or fuel tank farm, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go has the personnel and technical knowledge base to manage your facility and product safely and reliably.

We provide bunkering, barge operations and specialised petroleum industry personnel hire.