Top 10 Benefits of Hybrid Generators: A Look at Fuelfix Hybrid Energy Power Systems

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Hybrid generators are becoming an integral component of today’s energy infrastructure as the energy landscape evolves. These systems, which combine traditional and renewable energy sources, offer numerous advantages over conventional power generation methods. Fuelfix’s range of hybrid power systems, including the Hybrid Generators – Power System HESU30 and HESU15 showcases cutting-edge hybrid technology set to become industry standard for energy efficiency and productivity on site.

Here are the top 10 benefits of using hybrid power systems:

1. Significant Fuel Savings and Lower Operational Costs

Fuelfix Hybrid Power Systems HESU30 and HESU15 combine small conventional diesel generators with lithium battery technology and renewable energy sources. This integration eliminates the requirement for continuous fuel usage, resulting in significant savings on diesel expenditures. Utilising battery energy storage systems (BESS) in conjunction with small conventional generators enables the most efficient use of fuel, reducing the runtime of the generator and maintenance requirements; thereby lowering operating costs.

2. Reduced Carbon Footprint

A major benefit of hybrid solar systems is their ability to significantly lower CO2 emissions. By utilising renewable energy like solar as a primary source of power and only relying on small generators as back-up power generation, systems such as the Rapid Deployment Solar Skid (SKD) combined with a BESS ESU50 and a small generator or a or HESU15 hybrid generator can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels by up to 90%. This results in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals and comply with environmental regulations.

This configuration was recently used for a project with Cedar Woods in Perth, delivering a low emissions temporary power solution for the Eglinton Village estate development.

3. Enhanced Energy Security and Reliability

Hybrid generators provide a reliable and continuous power supply by combining multiple energy sources. For example, the 3-Phase Mobile AC Battery Storage ESU50 can store excess energy generated from renewable sources and supply it when needed, ensuring an uninterrupted power flow. This reliability is crucial for operations in remote locations or during critical projects where power outages can be costly and disruptive.

4. Noise Reduction

A significant drawback of traditional generators in sensitive work environments or residential settings is their infamous noise level. However, the hybrid energy power systems, such as Fuelfix Hybrid Generators – Power System HESU15 and HESU30, function much more quietly due to the shorter runtime of the diesel engine and the usage of silent LiFePO4 battery systems. Thereby reducing the noise pollution and enhancing the working environment.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Fuelfix hybrid power solutions offer great scalability and flexibility. These systems can be easily scaled up or down based on the power requirements of a project. This modularity allows businesses to adapt their power supply to changing needs without significant overhauls or investments. Fuelfix range of BESS and power systems are modular, scalable and dependable 24/7, delivering operational efficiencies and savings over traditional standalone gensets.

6. Lower Maintenance Requirements

Hybrid systems experience less wear and tear compared to traditional generators, as they do not rely solely on fuel-powered engines. The intermittent use of these engines, supplemented by renewable energy and battery storage, reduces mechanical stress and lowers maintenance costs. This leads to longer equipment lifespan and maintenance requirements reduced to almost an annual occurrence.

7. Rapid Deployment and Installation

Fuelfix power systems are designed for quick setup and ease of use. The hybrid systems can be rapidly deployed in various locations, providing immediate power solutions without the lengthy installation processes associated with traditional power infrastructure. This is particularly advantageous for emergency response, construction sites, and remote operations.


8. Support for Peak Shaving

Hybrid power systems and generators can effectively support peak shaving strategies. By using stored energy during periods of high electricity demand, businesses can avoid high peak energy charges. The Fuelfix range of BESS is ideal for this purpose, allowing companies to manage their energy consumption more efficiently and reduce overall energy costs.

9. Versatility in Power Applications

The versatility of hybrid systems makes them suitable for a wide range of applications across the mining, resources, civil, events sectors and during maintenance shutdowns. Fuelfix range of energy power systems can be tailored to meet specific power needs, whether for continuous operation, backup power, or supplemental energy during peak times.

10. Contribution to Sustainability Goals

Implementing hybrid power systems helps businesses align with global sustainability initiatives. The reduced dependency on fossil fuels and the incorporation of renewable energy sources help companies lower their environmental impact and reduce their Scope one and Scope 2 emissions. Products like the Rapid Deployment Solar Skid (SKD) and the Hybrid Generator – Power System HESU15 enable businesses to make tangible progress towards their net-zero emissions targets.

Drawing from our extensive range of Go-Greener solutions, we supplied an off-grid solution to Dino Nobel, seeking a greener alternative to fossil fuel generators for safer and more efficient site operations aligned with their ESG objectives. 


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Hybrid generators represent a significant advancement in energy technology, combining the reliability of traditional power sources with the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy. Fuelfix’s range of hybrid power solutions, including the HESU30, HESU15, ESU50, ESU15, and ESU5 combined with Solar Skids, provide versatile, efficient, and sustainable power options for various industries. By embracing these hybrid technologies, businesses can reduce operational costs, enhance energy security, minimise environmental impact, and support their sustainability goals. As the world moves towards a greener future, hybrid power systems will play an increasingly vital role in achieving a sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure.

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