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Self-Bunded Waste Oil Trailers: The Perfect On-Site Service Solution

The Fuelfix Self-Bunded 1,000L Waste Oil Trailer is the perfect solution for collecting waste oils from drums, tanks and other vessels. The stringent safety requirements of many work sites are met by the built-in safety features. And they can handle the toughest working environments. It is constructed to Australian standards and is fitted with a diesel-powered compressor (with electric start), diaphragm pump, a retractable hose and a suction spear – all mounted on a drip tray/bund. It has a waste oil hopper bolted to the inspection hatch. To add on to the safety features, the trailer comes with a 32L spill kit.

The salient features of this trailer include:

  • All steel construction
  • Marked dipstick (200L increments) with safe fill level
  • Road registered with all required signage and Ultraflex high vis reflective tape
  • LED combination taillights, number plate light and clearance lights
  • Dual axle design for extra strength, stability and excellent ground clearance but still with a low centre of gravity
  • Off-Road 245/75R16 tyres on 5 stud ROH 16” rims
  • Landcruiser hubs
  • One spare wheel mounted on the rear of the trailer
  • Wheel nut tension indicators
  • Mechanical over-ride disc brakes on the front axle with manual handbrake
  • Heavy-duty jockey wheel with swivel retraction for optimum ground clearance.
  • Heavy-duty 50mm tow hitch
  • 1 x standard seven-pin trailer plug (round)
  • 2 x safety chains with load rated shackles
  • 50 mm (2”) Dip point with cam-lock, cap and retainer chain
  • 75mm (3”) Fill point with cam-lock, cap and retainer chain
  • 75mm (3”) Breather point with cam-lock, cap and retainer chain
  • Safe fill: 1,000L; Weight (empty): 1,000kg; Weight (Full): 2,000 kg
  • Dimensions: 4,250 mm(L) x 1,800 mm (W) x 2,000 mm (H). The trailer height is measured to the top of the flashing light pole

Waste Oil Dispensing System

  • Electric start Yanmar diesel air compressor
  • 1” pneumatic diaphragm pump
  • 10-metre x 25mm diameter retractable hose reel with ball valve, suction spear and Camlock coupling
  • The four-way valve assembly to enable loading and out-loading using the same pumping system
  • Bunded front containment area under the pump housing further reduces any risk of accidental spillage going to ground
  • Emergency stop button with a lockable battery isolation switch
  • Clearly visible automated amber flashing light whilst in operation
  • Waste oil hopper top mounted on a trailer

32L Spill Kit

The kit which is placed inside the top-mounted Space Case storage container includes the following:

  • 2 x 1m sausage soaker to contain and absorb fuel spills
  • 1 x pack of absorbent 300 x 300 pads
  • An absorbent powder which holds 11 times own weight
  • Protective gloves
  • Bags for contaminated material to allow safe disposal.
  • 1 x 9kg dry powder fire extinguisher with mount and protector bag
  • 2 x Wheel chocks
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