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Understanding Fuel Management to Upgrade Your Fuel Tanks

Prioritizing your fuel management systems to get the most out of your fuel investment has never been more important. Fuel is one of the most expensive variables of running a fleet, and the right fuel management system can help you get the most of that investment. 

What is a Fuel Management System?

A fuel management system is a combination of hardware and software components that enable you to measure, track, monitor and control your fuel usage.

The right fuel management system gives you peace of mind knowing that the data provided is accurate and easy to report, thus eliminating any risk of errors or frauds.

How Does the Fuelfix Fuel Management System Work?

The Fuelfix Fuel Management System consists of a tank gauging and tank authentication unit and a controller. This system measures and tracks the fuel level in the tank and the amount of fuel dispensed and the equipment re-fuelled.  The data is stored on the cloud and is instantly available providing you with access anywhere, anytime across multiple sites and devices. There are various options for fuel authentication like employing an RFID reader, NFC fobs, magnetic cards etc. This allows in pinpointing how much fuel is used by each piece of equipment in your fleet, and the way fuel dollars are spent. Moreover, when you have a detailed view of the fuel consumption of all the equipment in your fleet, you will be able to watch out for any irregularities. Keeping an accurate track of your fuel consumption plays an important role in optimising your operations and facilitating comprehensive stock management.

Fuelfix Fuel Management System

Upgrade Your Tanks with Fuelfix Fuel Management System

Whatever your industry, the right fuel management system is integral. At Fuelfix, we support a range of operations for multiple industries including marine, construction, transport, and mining. The motto that we adhere to is to make every drop of diesel count. We understand that better-handled fuel means better outcomes for your business and operations!

If you would like to know more on how we can upgrade your fuel storage solution with a fuel management system get in touch with us at 1300 734 764, or simply fill up the form below and one of our friendly team members will get in touch with you.

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