Can Self-Bunded Tanks Save Fuel, Money, & the Environment?

01.08.2021 By Fuelfix Fuel Maintenance GO BACK

The answer is yes.

The finite nature of hydrocarbon fuels, their rising prices and consumption levels have always been a cause of concern for all major industries and sectors in Australia. This has prompted the government to have various mandates and standards in place to minimise fuel wastage and have efficient solutions in place. That is why Fuelfix Self-Bunded Tanks are the fuel storage solution of choice for hundreds of businesses across the country. They are compliant with Australian standards and robust enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions of remote Australia. The space between the inner tank and outer wall protects against product going to ground, thus reducing the chances of environmental contamination or loss of fuel.

Self-bunded tanks have truly made the world a better place!

When you opt for a Fuelfix Self-Bunded Storage solution for your operations, here is how you save costs, optimise fuel use, and ensure safety for your personnel and the environment:

1.    Leverage the economics of bulk-fuel storage

Fuel is cheaper when it is bought in bulk. You enjoy better pricing opportunities from petroleum companies when you establish a working relationship with them and negotiate on price and delivery options. Hence, investing in a self-bunded tank solution means long-term cost benefits for your business.

2.    Spill containment

Opting for a self-bunded storage tank would mean that any accidental spills are contained within the double walls of the tank. There is no need for constructing an expensive ‘bund’ around the tank. In the absence of a bund, any accidental spillage would need to be cleaned by the business which will cost you both time and money.

3.    Reduce fuel fraud

Having an on-site refuelling solution gives you better visibility and control over fuel usage. Fuelfix Self-Bunded Tanks have lockable compartments to ensure the security of fuel.
You can choose to add an extra layer of security by incorporating a fuel management system. This will also help you track, monitor, and control your fuel usage with ease. The powerful built-in reporting tools within the Fuelfix Fuel Management System can generate custom reports within seconds and support decision making to improve your operations, manage fuel claims and tax rebates.

4.    Reduce downtime

Fuelfix self-bunded tanks can be quickly transported and set up with ease. You don’t need specialised civil engineers on site. This helps in minimising downtime and improve operational efficiency.

5.    Increase staff efficiency and save travel costs

An on-site refuelling solution improves work productivity. The on-site staff don’t have to waste time and resources to leave the site to refuel vehicles and equipment. The flexibility and mobility of Self Bunded Tanks enable vehicles to be refuelled when they are naturally idle, for example in-pit on mine sites, generating significant efficiency and cost gains.  This paves way for better time and resource management.

6.    Flexible rental options to suit your budget and unique fuel needs

Fuelfix & Tanks2Go has Australia’s largest fleet of self-bunded tanks and trailers for hire and sale. Store as little as 500 litres or as much 200,000 litres safely. Our highly skilled and specialised team can tailor a solution to fit your unique fuel handling concerns.

7.    Fuelfix’s Australia-wide support team will ensure optimal tank performance throughout its lifespan

Equipment won’t last forever – but a preventative maintenance schedule will certainly increase its lifetime. Refurbishing old equipment and upgrading it to deliver efficient results is a more environmental-friendly and cost-effective alternative to buying a whole new one.

At Fuelfix & Tanks2Go, we provide customised solutions that fit the unique needs of your business. We can design a preventative maintenance program to keep your system operating both efficiently and within legislative requirements. As a nationwide company, we have depots across Australia. This paves way for long term cost benefits and improved efficiency.

Call 1300 734 764 to learn how we can tailor our self-bunded fuel tanks for your requirement.