Want to Step Up Your Portable Diesel Fuel Storage? You Need to Read This First

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To make transporting, storing, and refuelling safe, efficient and portable, we have a range of mobile fuel trailers in our fleet – available for both hire and purchase. The units have a 1200-litre capacity and are self-bunded to minimise leakage and accidental spillage seeping into the ground.

‘The Robust design of the trailers is made to withstand the harsh weather conditions of remote Australia.’

Simon Fracaro, Genreal Manager, Fuelfix & Tanks2Go

The Perfect Portable Onsite Refuelling Solution for Remote Australia

The Fuelfix & Tanks2Go Self-Bunded Trailers come with a solar-powered dispensing solution making it a standalone, virtually maintenance-free, lightweight, self-priming, low noise, and emission-free solution.

Our mobile solar trailers are extremely user friendly. And the fuel dispensing is rated up to 52L per minute through a solar-powered pumping unit.

Want to Step Up Your Portable Diesel Fuel Storage? You Need to Read This First


The solar trailer has built-in features and generates 120w power to run the dispensing unit. Hence, there is no need to spend additional dollars on diesel to run this dispensing solution. Refuelling is so easy; these trailers can be taken anywhere and everywhere, which saves not only time and money but also mitigates any risks related to equipment downtime due to fuel shortage. Our trailers are designed and manufactured in Australia and have been proven in the field, withstanding the harsh weather conditions of remote areas. The dual axle construction makes the mobile fuel trailer well balanced and easy to tow, even when fully loaded. Heavy-duty tyres on standard 16” rims and jockey wheel, with swivel retraction for optimum ground clearance, enhance the trailer’s performance and durability in the field.

Fuelfix & Tanks2Go mobile fuel trailers can be used for refuelling:

  • Mining equipment
  • Trucks and semi-trailers
  • Offroad outback touring expeditions
  • Remote electric power stations at remote communities and farms
  • Remote agricultural equipment
  • Military operation vehicles in remote locations
  • Equipment at remote construction sites

Download the Self-Bunded Solar Fuel Trailer datasheet to learn more.

Why Fuelfix Self-Bunded Trailers?

At Fuelfix & Tanks2Go, we have an in-house team of hydrocarbons technicians, electricians and engineers who can provide customised solutions that fit the unique needs of your business for portable diesel storage and refuelling.

We also stock spare parts and provide repair and maintenance services. As a nationwide company, we have depots across Australia. This means a quick response and a shorter lead time for your business.

Call 1300 734 764 to learn how we can tailor our self-bunded mobile fuel trailers for your requirements. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and one of our friendly sales executives will get in touch.