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Fuelling a low emission future

For over a century, the world has relied on hydrocarbon fuels for power generation. Today, global trends for a low-emission environment have led many sectors to search for green energy sources and responsible energy storage solutions.

The path toward energy transition is lengthy and full of challenges. Until the rollout of alternative energies is in place, and is readily available for all, diesel fuel is likely to remain in demand in many industries in Australia.

This highlights the need for innovative solutions to reduce the impact of diesel fuel use on the environment and limit operating costs.

We are here to support our clients as they transition by providing best-in-class, innovative fuel storage and management solutions. Fuelfix strives to provide its customers with products that ensure the best environmental and emissions outcomes.

Fuel suppliers and users are expected to be more efficient in their use of hydrocarbons. A growing emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors for organisations continues to reinforce this. Fuelfix works with its customers by designing and delivering systems that provide a holistic view of fuel usage and emissions. This way our customers get full visibility and are able to track every drop of fuel. This leads to reduced fuel wastage, efficient operations, and better environmental outcomes. Our customers are realising that there is a real environmental and economic payback in being more efficient.

Fuelfix is on a journey, as the demand to combine traditional fuels with renewable and next-generation alternatives escalates. We are excited and optimistic about the future and working with our customers to make this energy transition and moving towards reducing emissions from oil and gas.

What does Go-Greener mean for you?

Our Go-Greener range offers our customers options to reduce their greenhouse emissions and make better choices to commit to environmental sustainability standards.

As we embark on this journey towards a low carbon future, we are building a team of specialists, engineers, electricians, and technicians dedicated to bringing innovation in our products to be more environmentally friendly, efficient, and sustainable.

Such offerings can be identified by the Go-Greener badge. The Fuelfix drop juxtaposed with a leaf icon in green symbolises the fine balance that Fuelfix strives to bring between the environment and use of hydrocarbons by supplying solutions that are greener, cleaner, and smarter!

The Go-Greener pathway is the right choice for meaningful action and a positive change.

Who is Go-Greener for?

Whatever your industry, making the right choice for cleaner and greener solutions is integral for your business as well as the environment. We support a range of industry’s operations, including the following:


Keep your site running smoothly at all times, no matter the conditions.


Track your fuel across the country, keeping account and control of small to large fleets.

Civil Construction

 The Fuelfix FMS units are designed to withstand the harsh conditions in remote areas.


Stand the test of time (and tide) with Fuelfix FMS.

Our Go-Greener Products and Services

A transition from diesel- or petrol-powered options to solar-powered options can lead to significant reduction in emissions. The following services and products are part of our Go-Greener range:

  • Fuelfix FMS (Fuel Management System) to ensure efficient fuel use and reduced wastage, 
  • Preventative Maintenance program (an integrated approach of regular inspections and prompt attention to necessary repairs)
  • Solar-powered emergency showers and eyewash stations,
  • Solar-powered self-bunded trailers and solar-powered pumping solutions.
  • Solar-powered self-bunded tanks (some of our big self-bunded tanks can be fully customisable for solar powered as part of our Go-Greener range, contact us for more details.)

Customer Success Stories

We have designed, implemented, and installed solutions to generate greener outcomes for various leading names in multiple industry sectors.


Large solar-Powered refuelling solution for an explosive supplier

Delivering a reliable and greener Fuel Storage Solution for a remote site in Queensland.


Solar-Powered Self-Bunded Tank for a civil construction company

Delivering an effective and efficient refuelling solution for a remote site in Western Australia.


Optimising fuel usage and reducing carbon emissions for an Oil & Gas company

Providing a holistic view of fuel usage and opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

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